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Caring around the Clock

Booklet with information and support for young people who care for others


This publication is a colourful, illustrated 16-page booklet designed to help young carers cope with the pressures they face.

You are not on your own'You are not on your own', it says and encourages them to seek help from people close to them as well as their key worker and doctor; to make time for themselves; to go to school regularly; and to let other people know when things are getting on top of them.


Dont blame yourself , it advises, and alerts them to the possibility that the person they care for could be suffering from depression. 'Your parent is ill and needs the help of a doctor, just as they would if they had a bad heart or diabetes'. A case history of postnatal depression illustrates the problem from the perspective of a mother and her young son.


A Carer's life:

The booklet points out that 'Everyone on this earth cares for someone from time to time. There are also people who care for us: our Parents, Grandparents, Friends, Brothers and Sisters. There are also other people who have chosen a job where they care for other people i.e:'




Caring around the clock



This booklet was sponsored by Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust in support of the Changing Minds campaign.


July 2012

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