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Behaviour of Moths

by Adams, Poppy

on 01/05/2010

Price: £7.99

Published: Jul 2009

Format: paperback, hardback

No Pages: 320 pages


ISBN-13: 9781844084883

Category: Fiction

A story that spans a 5 day era during which a lifetime of reclusive routines in Lepidopterist Ginny Stone's crumbling Victorian family home are turned upside down by the arrival of her younger sister Vivien. Past and present unfold in skilfully woven chapters as the reader learns about a family torn asunder by scientific enquiry, alcohol and a desire to protect from the truth. The reader cannot help but consider the borderlands between eccentricity and madness, and the dark consequences of a mind forever sheltered from social norms become steadily apparent as the book reaches its latter pages. No diagnosis is offered but all the clues are embedded within the narrative. A gently paced but ultimately compelling read. Lots of scientific terminology throughout, but informative enough to be rewarding and appropriate.


Rachel Thomasson


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