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by Lansens, Lori

on 16/08/2007

Price: £7.99

Published: Jan 2007

Format: paperback

No Pages: 352 pages


ISBN-13: 9781844083664

Category: Fiction

A brilliant novel about conjoint twins written in the form of a dual autobiography. The twins are joined at the head and share each others blood. They have so much in common, the same genes, the same enviroment and upbringing and yet they have very different personalities.


The book brings out the selflessness of the twins and how they deal with disfigurement. I was fascinated by how they shared each others emotions and reactions as hormones such as adrenaline or alcohol ingested by one twin affected the other. Most poignant of all they are bound together in the knowledge that when one of them dies the other will only have hours to live.


An unique subject for a novel, very well researched by the author, beautifully written and easy to read.


Martin Briscoe

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