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Memory Keeper's Daughter

by Edwards, Kim

on 16/08/2007

Price: £7.99

Published: Apr 2007

Format: paperback

No Pages: 416 pages


ISBN-13: 9780141030142

Category: Fiction

This book charts the devastating effects of a lie. Its impact on people and relationships.


It brilliantly describes the challenges of Downs syndrome and the fight for people with educational problems in the USA to be given access to mainstream education. I found the initial events hard to believe as I could not accept that anyone would act so stupidly in the 70s, but the idea for the story came from a true-life event so people obviously do behave this way or at least they used to.


The take home message for me was how a supposedly intelligent doctor could make a bigger mess of his life than his daughter with Down’s syndrome. A great read – highly recommended


Martin Briscoe

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