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State of Mind

by Jayne Collins

This mood is changing, I’m willing it to stay high

Time’s slowing down and I’m starting to cry

If only I could reach a middle ground

Then my life would be just sound


Interest in anything starts to shift

I’m sinking, if only this mood would lift

Crafts and ideas I used to create

Have disappeared and that’s not great


Bipolar moods are completely out of your hands

In the sky one minute, then the next, flat in the sands

Everyone experiences ‘ups and downs’

Mine’s are extreme so please don’t frown


When you fall and think of your distant drive

You wonder how could you have ever been so alive

The feelings slip through your fingers like sand

To leave my mind so dull and bland


All you can do is pray for a shift in your pattern

And hope that this mood will not further flatten

All I can do is hope for a good nights sleep

And this mood to level so I do not weep

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