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The Royal College of Psychiatrists Improving the lives of people with mental illness


16 December 2010 Dementia care in hospitals: Findings from National Audit of Dementia interim report
08 December 2010 College responds to Home Office drug strategy
02 December 2010 College responds to King's Fund report on mental health and productivity
02 December 2010 Baroness Hollins delivers maiden speech on the human rights of young people with learning disabilities
01 December 2010 Home treatment for elderly patients with depression ‘cheaper and more effective’
01 December 2010 Parents ‘face barriers’ in seeking help for their child’s mental health problems
30 November 2010 RCPsych response to public health white paper
23 November 2010 College responds to independent review of Work Capability Assessment
17 November 2010 Winners of RCPsych Awards 2010 announced
01 November 2010 Study reveals the mental health benefits of regular physical activity
29 October 2010 First major study of mental health of UK armed forces in Iraq
26 October 2010 RCPsych helps form a united front against dementia
26 October 2010 Compelling new report shows why mental health ‘must be at the heart of public health’
20 October 2010 College responds to Government Spending Review
18 October 2010 Four major medical bodies join forces to combat 'world's biggest threat to human health'
14 October 2010 Reducing the number of deaths in patients with anorexia nervosa
08 October 2010 Health Minister joins schools to take a stand on stigma
07 October 2010 Response to NICE draft guidance on Alzheimer's drugs
05 October 2010 RCPsych responds to NHS Information Centre statistics on compulsory treatment
01 October 2010 Study links some cannabis strains with memory impairment
17 September 2010 RCPsych book scoops first prize in BMA awards
16 September 2010 New mental health information for people with learning disability and their carers
07 September 2010 Surge in mental health Community Treatment Orders
03 September 2010 Psychiatrists call for Northern Ireland Executive to follow Scottish lead on minimum price for alcohol
01 September 2010 Young Black women at increased risk of self-harm, study shows
01 September 2010 New social intervention to help Pakistani women with depression
01 August 2010 People with severe depression ‘find it harder to judge facial expressions’
01 August 2010 Young people with mental illness ‘face negative economic outcomes’
07 July 2010 NHS services ‘failing to support people who self-harm’
01 July 2010 Childhood adversities are ‘powerful predictors’ of suicide
30 June 2010 Psychiatrists welcome Northern Ireland strategy to help people with personality disorder
24 June 2010 Why the wise man takes up juggling in old age
24 June 2010 Alcohol and drugs ‘stifle artistic creativity’
24 June 2010 The enduring popularity of madness in drama
23 June 2010 Young people with autism are ‘lost in transition’
23 June 2010 Psychiatrist calls for more research into combination treatments
23 June 2010 Single MRI scan ‘could help diagnose bipolar disorder’
23 June 2010 Scottish prisoners ‘have problems judging facial expressions’
23 June 2010 Disgruntled employees ‘using sickness absence as a strategic tool against employers’
22 June 2010 Quentin Blake exhibition at 2010 RCPsych International Congress
22 June 2010 Dr Laurence Mynors-Wallis elected as new Registrar
22 June 2010 Delirium ‘invisible in the English health system’
22 June 2010 Mental health workers ‘must ask patients if they’re parents’
22 June 2010 Brain study suggests antidepressants ‘work within hours’
21 June 2010 Psychiatrists make recommendations for redesign of mental health services
21 June 2010 Short placements could switch medical students on to psychiatry
21 June 2010 Study links malnutrition and depression in elderly hospital patients
15 June 2010 Psychiatrists support call for alcohol minimum pricing
07 June 2010 Psychiatrists say promises for psychological therapies in Northern Ireland must not be watered down
01 June 2010 Cigarette smoking ‘could increase risk of depression’
01 June 2010 Does internet addiction exist?
28 May 2010 RCPsych responds to MRC review of mental health research funding
25 May 2010 RCPsych comments on MHF report 'The Lonely Society?'
15 April 2010 New information leaflet on mental health in pregnancy
14 April 2010 PCTs 'wasting millions' on out-of-area treatments, reveals RCPsych
01 April 2010 Disruptive children ‘could have undiagnosed communication problems’
01 April 2010 Occasional teenage cannabis use ‘predicts later drug use’
22 March 2010 Decision to ban mental health slurs during election campaign wins praise
15 March 2010 First national audit of care for people with dementia in hospital begins
12 March 2010 RCPsych comments on websites which feature images promoting self-harm
01 March 2010 Psychiatrists identify new phenomenon: ‘I want to be bipolar…’
23 February 2010 Psychiatrists call for new ‘editorial code’ to end media promotion of a thin body ideal
09 February 2010 West Midlands psychiatrists promote mental health through schools
04 February 2010 ADHD may help creative genius to flourish, says psychiatrist
03 February 2010 Pregnant women should stop believing the ‘baby brain’ myth
03 February 2010 Pupils with top grades ‘four times more likely to develop bipolar disorder’
11 January 2010 Psychiatrists welcome call to end disqualification of MPs on grounds of mental illness
06 January 2010 Dementia risk for older people with diabetes and memory problems
05 January 2010 RCPsych is a certified member of The Information Standard



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