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The Royal College of Psychiatrists Improving the lives of people with mental illness


10 December 2009 Significant harm - the effects of administrative detention on the health of children, young people and their families
07 December 2009 Royal College of Psychiatrists’ President comments on mental health strategy launch
01 December 2009 Skunk ‘poses greatest risk of psychosis’
13 November 2009 Psychiatrists launch campaign to tackle mental health inequalities in Wales
12 November 2009 We must avoid mistakes of the past in fighting the economic downturn
12 November 2009 College responds to review of the use of antipsychotic medication for people with dementia
02 November 2009 Dietary patterns linked with depression
22 October 2009 RCPsych welcomes commitment to outlaw age discrimination in the NHS and social care
13 October 2009 Tens of thousands of over-65s at risk in mental health services
12 October 2009 New DVD helps mental health workers learn from patients and carers
09 October 2009 Psychiatrists launch ‘Get Well Soon’ cards for World Mental Health Day
08 October 2009 New report shows half of adults in debt may have a mental health problem
07 October 2009 Royal College of Psychiatrists response to Alzheimer's Society statement
06 October 2009 Winners of inaugural RCPsych Awards announced
05 October 2009 Essential book helps parents and professionals understand ‘The Young Mind’
01 October 2009 Eating sweets every day in childhood ‘increases adult aggression’
28 September 2009 Smoking during pregnancy puts children at risk of psychotic symptoms
25 September 2009 First memory services achieve accreditation
18 September 2009 Psychiatrists urge action to tackle ‘pro-ana’ websites danger
14 September 2009 Response to Department of Health consultation on Pandemic Influenza and the Mental Health Act 1983
11 September 2009 Psychiatrists welcome Northern Ireland announcement of world-first single capacity and mental health legislation
09 September 2009 Mothers with psychological distress ‘have fatter children’
01 September 2009 Depressed teenagers ‘risk more serious mental health problems as adults’
25 August 2009 ‘Slow progress’ in improving mental health services for black and minority ethnic older people
06 August 2009 Royal College of Psychiatrists calls for more alcohol treatment services in Scotland: Response to new report ‘Scottish Alcohol Needs Assessment’
01 August 2009 Depression increases people’s mortality as much as smoking
01 August 2009 People with depression and anxiety at greater risk of obesity
30 July 2009 Lack of community care means patients well enough for discharge remain in hospital too long
28 July 2009 All UK hospitals ‘must have liaison psychiatry services’
01 July 2009 No ‘empty nest syndrome’ for parents in rural Thailand
01 July 2009 Pregnancy complications may increase autism risk
24 June 2009 RCPsych responds to MP’s challenge to the Prime Minister to end mental health stigma in parliament
05 June 2009 Judges can make poor decisions about asylum seekers
05 June 2009 ‘Crisis in masculinity’ leads to eating disorders in straight men
05 June 2009 Babies need cuddles, love and stimulation to aid healthy brains
05 June 2009 Online market in legal highs ‘growing in the UK’
05 June 2009 Bullied children ‘four times more likely to develop psychosis’
05 June 2009 ‘Worrying link’ between ketamine use and severe bladder problems
05 June 2009 Psychiatric patients occupy around 15% of total NHS bed days
04 June 2009 ‘Strong link’ between childhood sexual abuse and suicide attempts in women
04 June 2009 Police and mental health practitioners should work together in hostage situations‏
04 June 2009 ‘Gender gap’ in authorship of psychiatric research
04 June 2009 Multi-agency working needed to tackle ‘worryingly high’ prison deaths
04 June 2009 Former political enemies join forces to help those emotionally scarred by the Irish conflict
04 June 2009 Bipolar disorder ‘misdiagnosed in a quarter of cases’
04 June 2009 Patients have ‘mixed views’ on electronic health records
03 June 2009 Study reveals prevalence of disordered eating in patients with anxiety
03 June 2009 Mental health services ‘must place more emphasis on recovery’
03 June 2009 Financial crisis caused by banking chiefs plagued with Hubris Syndrome
03 June 2009 British ‘stiff up lip’ leaves war veterans’ mental health overlooked
03 June 2009 Eating curry every week ‘could prevent dementia’
29 May 2009 Cambridgeshire study confirms 1 per cent prevalence of autism
29 May 2009 Smoking ban ‘has potential for positive changes in mental health units’
29 May 2009 Low birth weight linked to psychosis-like symptoms
15 May 2009 First indicators of quality improvement released to the NHS
01 May 2009 Juvenile stalking ‘more violent than adult stalking’
30 April 2009 Psychiatrists warn of 'legal high' danger
30 April 2009 New ‘debt first aid’ advice for health and social care professionals
28 April 2009 Lithium in drinking water ‘may reduce suicide’
01 April 2009 Childhood abuse associated with psychosis in women
01 April 2009 Simple lessons change teenage attitudes to mental illness
31 March 2009 RCPsych responds to Healthcare Commission study of older people's mental health services
20 March 2009 CRTU director appointed to National Quality Board
02 March 2009 Oxfordshire study examines self-harm in UK armed forces
02 March 2009 Childhood temperament 'strongly associated' with being out of work in later life
18 February 2009 Psychiatrist sheds new light on Darwin's 'extraordinary creativity'
12 February 2009 RCPsych responds to report on the commissioning of healthcare services in prisons
03 February 2009 RCPsych responds to launch of National Dementia Strategy
02 February 2009 Study reveals rising suicide rate in female prisoners
02 February 2009 International study links headache with childhood problems
02 February 2009 Ground Zero ironworkers ‘have significant psychiatric symptoms’
28 January 2009 Association of Therapeutic Communities and Community of Communities respond to NICE guidelines
28 January 2009 RCPsych conference: Personality disorders ‘going undiagnosed’
13 January 2009 New standards to protect young people on adult psychiatric wards
08 January 2009 New guidance on caring for people growing older with an existing mental illness
06 January 2009 Study reveals prevalence of self-harm in Scottish teenagers for first time
06 January 2009 Suicide rate in England and Wales ‘fell after London bombings’
06 January 2009 1 in 4 Australian children have a parent with a mental illness


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