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BJPsych Bulletin current issue


Culturally adapted mental healthcare: evidence, problems and recommendations [Editorials]

Dinos, S. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 153 - 155.

Brain fag syndrome: a culture-bound syndrome that may be approaching extinction [Original papers]

Ayonrinde, O. A., Obuaya, C., Adeyemi, S. O. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 156 - 161.

Dementia in a Black and minority ethnic population: characteristics of presentation to an inner London memory service [Original papers]

Tuerk, R., Sauer, J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 162 - 166.

Stigma and self-esteem across societies: avoiding blanket psychological responses to gay men experiencing homophobia [Original papers]

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Illness perceptions in adolescents with a psychiatric diagnosis in Pakistan [Original papers]

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Trauma exposure and refugee status as predictors of mental health outcomes in treatment-seeking refugees [Original papers]

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Difficult to treat? A comparison of the effectiveness of treatment as usual in refugees and non-refugees [Original papers]

ter Heide, F. J. J., Smid, G. E. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 182 - 186.

What is culturally informed psychiatry? Cultural understanding and withdrawal in the clinical encounter [Special articles]

Leseth, A. B. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 187 - 190.

'Spirituality' and 'cultural adaptation' in a Latino mutual aid group for substance misuse and mental health [Special articles]

Anderson, B. T., Garcia, A. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 191 - 195.

Impact of involuntary out-patient commitment on reducing hospital services: 2-year follow-up [Current Practice]

Castells-Aulet, L., Hernandez-Viadel, M., Jimenez-Martos, J., Canete-Nicolas, C., Bellido-Rodriguez, C., Calabuig-Crespo, R., Asensio-Pascual, P., Lera-Calatayud, G. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 196 - 199.

A guide to a new short course to promote interest and engagement in psychiatry in medical students [Education & training]

Langley, M., Lomas, B., Schofield, Z., Doody, G. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 200 - 204.

Effectiveness increases with integration in primary care [Correspondence]

Jolley, D., Benbow, S. M., Greaves, I. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 205 - 205.

CMHTs provide follow-up for patients with dementia and behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia in both service models [Correspondence]

Rubinsztein, J. S., Girling, D., Brayne, C. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 205 - 205.

Thoughts on the development of liaison psychiatry services in London [Correspondence]

Shangobiyi, A. B., Udo, I. I. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 205 - 206.

'Legal highs' - what's in a name? [Correspondence]

Lally, J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 206 - 206.

'Background' and 'foreground' knowledge: targeting learning materials to trainees' needs [Correspondence]

Steele, R. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 206 - 207.

National Confidential Inquiry [Correspondence]

Holmes, J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 207 - 207.

Nick Kitson MB, BS, FRCPsych: Formerly consultant psychiatrist, Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Springfield University Hospital, honorary senior lecturer, St George's Hospital Medical School [Obituaries]

Laugharne, R. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 208 - 208.