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Psychiatric Bulletin current issue


The ongoing need for local services for people with complex mental health problems [Editorials]

Killaspy, H. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 257 - 259.

Patient engagement and problematic behaviours in nurse-staffed residential rehabilitation units [Original papers]

Meaden, A., Commander, M., Cowan, C., Edwards, T. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 260 - 264.

Hope, happiness and home treatment: a study into patient satisfaction with being treated at home [Original papers]

Hubbeling, D., Bertram, R. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 265 - 269.

Demographic and clinical characteristics of UK military veterans attending a psychological therapies service [Original papers]

Giebel, C. M., Clarkson, P., Challis, D. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 270 - 275.

Does a home treatment acute relapse prevention strategy reduce admissions for people with mania in bipolar affective disorder? [Original papers]

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Systematic computerised cardiovascular health screening for people with severe mental illness [Original papers]

Yeomans, D., Dale, K., Beedle, K. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 280 - 284.

Sustainable psychiatry in the UK [Special articles]

Yarlagadda, S., Maughan, D., Lingwood, S., Davison, P. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 285 - 290.

Embedding the Mental Capacity Act 2005 in clinical practice: an audit review [Current Practice]

Dunlop, C., Sorinmade, O. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 291 - 293.

Does a cluster always equal a cluster? Geographical variation of cluster populations [Current Practice]

Morgan, J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 294 - 298.

Do regulated resident working hours affect medical graduate education? Trends in the American psychiatry board pass rates pre- and post-2003 duty hours regulations [Education & training]

Jain, G., Dzara, K., Mazhar, M. N., Punwani, M. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 299 - 302.

Profile: Dr Simon Sinclair [Perspectives]

Bland, J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 303 - 305.

More support from mental health trusts needed to enable exposure to psychiatry for secondary school pupils [Correspondence]

Ewins, E. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 306 - 306.

Availability of work experience placements in psychiatry: the real picture [Correspondence]

Albert, A. M., Raoof, A. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 306 - 306.

Mainstream media today: the contemporary challenge in rebranding modern psychiatry [Correspondence]

Collins, P. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 306 - 307.

More case reports in child psychiatry needed [Correspondence]

Fernandez, V. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 307 - 307.

A proactive and acceptable clinic solution for patients with medically unexplained symptoms [Correspondence]

Bromley, J. S., Turner, A. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 307 - 308.

Insulin coma therapy: let's be factual [Correspondence]

Bourne, H. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 308 - 308.

Response to review of Play: Experiential Methodologies [Correspondence]

Maitra, S., Seshadri, S. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 308 - 309.

Richard P. Michael, MD, PhD, DSc, FRCPsych Formerly Reader in Behavioural Physiology and Consultant Psychiatrist at the Bethlem Royal and Maudsley Hospital (1963-1972), Professor of Psychiatry and Anatomy, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, USA [Obituaries]

Russell, G. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 310 - 311.

Public Mental Health: Global Perspectives [Reviews]

Oyebode, O. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 311 - 311.

Fads and Fallacies in Psychiatry [Reviews]

Timms, P. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 311 - 312.

CBT for Anxiety Disorders: A Practitioner Book [Reviews]

Thomas, R. P. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 312 - 312.

Correction [Correction]

Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 312 - 312.