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What is the Quality Mark for Elder-Friendly Hospital Wards?

The Quality Mark for Elder-Friendly Hospital Wards is a subscription-based quality-improvement programme for individual hospital wards.  Participation in this process will ensure a continuous focus on the care provided for people over the age of 65 and will demonstrate the commitment made by the hospital, the ward and the staff to identify and carry out improvements, and to achieve a consistent quality of care for older people.


The Quality Mark process aims to support wards to focus on delivery of good-quality, essential care for older people by:


  • Engaging patients, ward staff, hospital management and governors in assessing the quality of care provided
  • Providing training to ward staff in Person, Interaction and Environment observations of care
  • Producing a detailed local report that identifies areas of achievement and areas for improvement, enabling targeted action planning
  • Encouraging ward team reflection on their ability to provide elder-friendly care with the training and resources available to them
  • Awarding and recognising the achievement of elder-friendly wards
  • Encouraging focus on a continuous improvement through iterative data collection

The Quality Mark process involved the collection of information from patients, ward staff, ward management, lead clinicians, hospital management, governors, and from observations of care on the ward. This information will be reported back to the ward in a summary format, which can be shared with visitors, patients, staff, regulators and commissioners.


A list of wards that are currently participating in the Quality Mark project can be found here.




Why do we need a Quality Mark?

The Structure and Process

An explanation of what participating in the Quality Mark involves and how a hospital ward can progress to gain the Quality Mark.

Getting Involved 

If your hospital ward would like to take part in the Quality Mark, information about expressions of interest can be found here.

Contact us

If you have any questions, or need more information then please contact the team.

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Last updated: 16/02/2017

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Quality Mark



January 2017

Congratulations to Heberden Ward for achieving the Quality Mark Award, and to Eashing Ward, Ward 52 and Ward 44 for maintaining the Award following interim reviews!


November 2016

Now accepting wards for the Spring 2017 cycle of the Quality Mark. Reserve a place for your ward via the online joining form.

For an overview and progress update of the Quality Mark, please see here.


October 2016

Current discounts maintained for Spring 2017 cycle of the Quality Mark!