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Research at the Royal College of Psychiatrists has a major impact on both national practice and policy. The Health Services Research Team is based within the College Centre for Quality Improvement (CCQI) and conducts both large scale, national research and in-depth qualitative studies. Our work provides insight into the experiences of both mental health professionals and those living with mental health problems, focusing on under-studied aspects of healthcare provision and public health.

Our Projects

DepSurv: a survey of depression reporting in older adults

DepSurv aims to raise awareness of depression amongst older adults by collecting data from a sample of inpatients admitted to acute hospitals and comparing levels of recognition and treatment of this condition.

Find out more about DepSurv >>>

Interface between Primary Care and Specialist Mental Health Services

Modelling the interface between Primary Care and Specialist Mental Health Services, to inform commissioning decisions.

Evaluation of Novel Psychoactive Treatment UK Network II (NEPTUNE II)

We're evaluating e-learning modules to help clinicians manage and treat people who have used novel psychoactive substances.

Find out more about NEPTUNE II >>>

Evaluating liaison psychiatry

We’re helping Leeds University to evaluate liaison psychiatry in England, to identify what’s working well, what could be improved, and to highlight good practice in a range of care settings.

This research project is called Liaison Psychiatry: Measurement and Evaluation of Service Types and Referral Outcomes, or LP MAESTRO for short.

Find out more about LP MAESTRO >>>


Evaluating the impact of the implementation of the Lester resource on the physical health of people using mental health services and exploring the facilitators and barriers of improving physical health.

The CCQI are working with NHS Improving Quality (NHS IQ) and four pilot sites across England to evaluate the implementation of the Lester tool. The Lester tool is a resource that was developed to help healthcare professionals improve physical health screening and deliver appropriate interventions. 


Exploring the psychometric properties of a patient feedback questionnaire used in the CCQI's Elder-Friendly Quality Mark program

This project aims is to complete the development and validation of the patient feedback questionnaire part of the Elder-Friendly Quality Mark program (QM). The QM is a subscription-based quality-improvement initiative for hospital wards caring for people over the age of 65.

Evaluating the impact of quality networks


Evaluation of the Quality Network for Low Secure Units (eLSU)

This project is a randomised control trial that aims to gather scientific evidence on the impact that quality network membership has on the quality of care delivered by services in the network.

Mental health in older people

Health and well-being of people aged 65-84: a European study

The UK arm of a European study about the health and well-being of older people. 

Child and adolescent mental health

CAPSS - Rare disorders in young people

A surveillance system that facilitates research into rare psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents.


CAMHS Inpatient Referral Study

A study of the pathways through which young people are admitted to adult psychiatric wards, and what happens to them.


Inpatient services for young people

Evaluating inpatient services for children and adolescents, in terms of cost, clinical and social outcomes, and the satisfaction of patients.


Social and economic factors

Debt and mental health

Systematic review of the evidence on the relation between indebtedness and mental health problems, plus resources for health and social care professionals.


Debt collection

The first national survey of how debt collection staff work with customers who have debts and mental health problems.


Living with serious mental illness

A study of what it is like to live ‘in the community’ with serious mental illness, using participant-observation.


Health services and carers How are decisions made? 

Observing how decisions are made between psychiatrists and outpatients about prescribing anti-psychotic drugs to outpatients. 


Carer well-being

A questionnaire to measure the well-being of carers, and how well they are supported.


Policy into practice

A study to evaluate different ways of translating new national policies into better mental health services.


Other information 


Health Services Research, Royal College of Psychiatrists' College Centre for Quality Improvement,

2nd Floor, 21 Prescot Street, London E1 8BB   Tel: 020 7977 6648   Fax: 020 7481 4831   



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