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Forensic Psychiatry Quality

Forensic Psychiatry Quality



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A guide to working with offenders with personality disorders

Department of Health                  


11 February 2011


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Blurring the Boundaries

The convergence of mental health and criminal justice policy, legislation systems and practice.


The Bradley Report

Lord Bradley’s review of people with mental health problems or learning disabilities in the criminal justice system.


Breaking the Cycle: Effective Punishment, Rehabilitation and Sentencing of Offenders

Ministry of Justice Green Paper


Bromley Briefings Prison Fact File

Twice yearly publication by The Prison Reform Trust




30 April 2009


December 2010


December 2010

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Curriculum for the Specialist Module in Forensic Psychiatry

The competency based curriculum for Training in Forensic Psychiatry, published by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.


Corston Report

Review of women with particular vulnerabilities in the Criminal Justice system


Centre for Mental Health

Pathways to Unlocking Secure Mental Health Care


Centre for Mental Health (Criminal Justice)

This programme focuses on mental health and criminal justice inside and out of prison


Court: Helping someone who’s going to court

Rethink Mental Illness


Coming Home: Helping someone who’s leaving prison or forensic mental health services

Rethink Mental Illness


College of Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists’ use of occupation-focused practice in secure hospitals Practice guideline


January 2009


March 2007


April 2011


Ongoing link


April 2012


April 2012



27 November 2012


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Forensic Mental Health Services, Managed Care Network, Report for the Learning Disabilities Service Working Group

An overview of forensic learning disability services in Scotland in 2005: NHS Scotland.


Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Faculty of Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability and Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry London. Faculty Report FD/ID/04

March 2005



February 2014

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Guidance for working with MAPPA and mentally disordered offenders

Ministry of Justice Publication 


Good Practice Procedure Guide 

The transfer of prisoners under Sections 47 and 48 of the Mental Health Act (Good Practice Guide) 


Undated (added to website March 2011)


May 2011

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Home Office Circular 66/99: Provision for Mentally Disordered Offenders

A seminal document.


Home Office

Corston Report - a report by baroness Jean Corston of a review of women with particular  vulnerabilities in the Criminal Justice system.



Home Secretary Speech to Police Federation Annual Conference 2013


September 1990


March 2007


13 May 2013

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Independent Commission on Mental Health and Policing



May 2013

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Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health                 

Guidance for Commissioners of Forensic Mental Health Services


May 2013

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Learning Disability: Staying Positive: The Criminal Justice System and Learning Disabilities

Easy Read Information for People with Learning Disabilities and Learning Difficulties.


March 2011




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The Mental Health of Prisoners: A thematic review of the care and support of prisoners with mental health needs

HM Inspectorate of Prisons publication.


Mental Health Casework Section Contact List

Ministry of Justice Document


Working with MAPPA: guidance for psychiatrists in England and Wales

Mind in Camden

Hearing Voices Groups in Prisons & Secure Units – An Introduction

October 2007



April 2014


December 2013



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Terms of Reference for National Oversight Group for High Secure Hospitals September 2009


National Policing Improvement Agency: Responding to People with Mental Ill Health or Learning Disabilities

Guidance to assist the police.


National Policing Improvement Agency: Review of the Literature on Mentally Disordered Offenders

A project brief for the Association of Chief Police Officers.

September 2009






March 2007

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Improving Access to Psychological Therapies: Offenders - Positive Practice Guide

NHS guidance.  


Offender Mental Health Care Pathway

Department of Health / NIMHE publication.

January 2009



January 2005


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Public Health and Criminal Justice

Promoting and protecting offenders' mental health and wellbeing.


Prison Mental Health: Vision and Reality

An examination of what has been achieved in prison mental health over recent years from a number of different personal perspectives and individual observations of working in England. It looks at the specific achievements of inreach teams and of efforts to divert offenders from custody.


Pier Professional

Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research


Personality Disorder:  Assessment of Impact on Equality - Offender Personality Disorder Consultation

DoH / NOMS / MoJ consultation.


Personality Disorder: Consultation on the Offender Personality Disorder Pathway Implementation Plan

DoH / NOMS / MoJ consultation.


Prison: Helping someone who’s in prison 

Rethink mental Illness


21 July 2010



21 September 2010








February 2011




February 2011

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Quality Network for Forensic Mental Health Services 

Cycle 1 Annual Report. 


Quality Network for Forensic Mental Health Services

Cycle 2 Annual Report. 


Quality Network for Forensic Mental Health Services

Cycle 3 Annual Report.


Quality Network for Forensic Mental Health Services

Cycle 4 Annual Report.


Quality Network for Forensic Mental Health Services

Cycle 5 Annual Report.


Quality Network Newsletter


Quality Network Newsletter


Quality Network Newsletter



Quality Network Newsletter archives 

2006 / 2007



2007 / 2008



2008 / 2009


2009 / 2010


April 2011


December 2011

December 2012


17 October 2011

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Your Guide to Relational Security: See, Think, Act

This is a handbook to help readers understand what relational security is and how to maintain it in the workplace.


Arrest: Helping someone who’s been arrested

Rethink Mental Illness


Review of Secure Mental Health Services (Wales)

1 March 2010


April 2012


April 2009

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Statistics of Mentally Disordered Offenders 2007 England and Wales

A Ministry of Justice publication.


Statistics of Mentally Disordered Offenders 2008 England and Wales

A Ministry of Justice publication.


South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Prison Inreach Team Directory.


Secure Hospital: Helping someone who’s in forensic mental health services

Rethink mental Illness


Sexual Offences: Definitive Guideline

Sentencing Council

5 February 2009


January 2010


August 2011


April 2012


April 2014

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Too Little Too Late

An independent review of unmet mental health need in prison, by the Prison Reform Trust.


Transforming Rehabilitation: a summary of evidence on reducing reoffending



22 April 2014

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Under the Radar – Women with Borderline Personality Disorder in Prison

A report from the charity organisation: The Centre for Mental Health.


Unfitness to Plead: The Law Commission Consultation Paper No 197

The Law Commission Consultation.

14 September 2010

No date given (c. 2010)

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The Community Diversion and Prison Psychiatry Network


Community Diversion and Prison Psychiatry Network   Launched in October 2009 at the Faculty’s annual conference in Cardiff, the Community Diversion and Prison Psychiatry Network will be jointly run with the Forensic Faculty. The aims of the network are:


  • To develop a forum for communication for psychiatrists working in prison and in community diversion services.
  • To explore and develop standards and competencies relating to these areas.
  • To identify the nature of mental health service provision and specific training opportunities in these areas.
  • To identify areas of best practice and disseminate them. 
  • To influence care pathways to enable community mental health services to work more effectively with prison mental health teams.
  • To develop links with other stakeholders, such as the Sainsbury’s Centre, Department of Health, the Howard League for penal reform and the Prison reform Trust.

Interested in joining this network? Please contact the General Adult Psychiatry Faculty Manager, Lauren Wright.


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NOTICE OF ELECTION: Vacancies will arise on the Forensic Faculty executive in 2018 for the positions of:

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Nominations are invited by 9 March 2018

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CONFERENCE: Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry annual conference 2018

28 Feb - 2 Mar 2018, Nottingham


FACULTY REPORT: Forensic care pathways for adults with intellectual disability involved with the criminal justice system


REPORT: Working with MAPPA: guidance for psychiatrists in England and Wales





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