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PDP forms recommended by the College

This page introduces the forms recommended by the Royal College of Psychiatrists for developing and maintaining PDPs. The following advice and guidance might be helpful to psychiatrists using the forms, copies of which are included as an Appendix to this document. Forms A to D are those suggested and recommended by the College, but peer groups may wish to modify them to their own specification or develop their own forms. In order for members to remain in good professional standing for CPD, members should use the College’s online system CPD Submissions to complete and download their CPD certificates.
Form A should be prepared before the meeting of the peer group and will form the basis of the discussion. Learning objectives should reflect acquiring, maintaining and developing knowledge and skills as a doctor, a psychiatrist, a specialist and in relation to particular aspects of the job and role within the organisation or proposed developments in the job. These are referred to as levels 1 to 4.
It may be helpful to refer to the following when reflecting on learning needs:
Level 1: Good Medical Practice (GMC, 2013). This sets out core requirements for all doctors.
Level 2: Suggestions for a personal checklist for a PDP, together with the College publication Good Psychiatric Practice (Royal College of Pychiatrists, 2010).
Level 3: The College’s Good practice within the psychiatric specialities. This is Appendix 2 of Good Psychiatric Practice (Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2000).
Some level 1 and level 2 objectives will need to be reviewed on a 5-yearly cycle, for example, basic medical skills (CPR, etc.), Mental Health Act updates, refresher courses on the use of psychotropic medication and other recent advances in the management of clinical problems. These objectives will reflect the necessity of maintaining skills. Other objectives may relate to acquiring new skills in relation to specific job requirements or proposed developments, which in turn will need to be maintained and developed.
Form B records the peer group meeting that is held at the beginning of the CPD/PDP year. After discussions with the peer group the agreed objectives of knowledge and/or skills and their application (benefit for any improvement of health care) are recorded together with a summary of the comments of both the individual and the peer group.
It is sensible to limit the number of objectives to a maximum of six. They should lead to an improvement in the quality of clinical care and should be specific, achievable, realistic and time-limited and have a measurable outcome.
The group will be able to discuss what resources or facilities are required to meet the objectives and they may be able to obtain advice from the College website to assist in this process. If no appropriate resource is easily available the peer group might think of setting up an educational event locally.
Form C records CPD activities. The following should be recorded:
CPD activity in clinical audit, with the title of the audit, its findings and the way in which the cycle was completed, including implementation case conferences, difficult-to-manage case discussions and similar events involvement in journal clubs and local postgraduate meetings reflecting participation in the education of others all educational activities such as conferences and workshops (i.e. external CPD), even if they fall outwith the educational objectives set.
Evidence of attendance, timetables and programmes should be retained and be available for audit.
Form D records the review with the peer group. It is recommended that there should be a minimum of two review meetings with the peer group during each year to check on progress being made, outcomes of educational events and to deal with any problems that may have arisen in implementing the learning objectives.
CPD Submissions
Members should use the College’s online system to complete and download their CPD certificates.

Download the forms

The following forms for constructing a personal development plan are available to download as PDF files or as editable Word documents:





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