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Student Associates

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"Come and join us in the best, most creative specialty within medicine" Professor Sue Bailey, Past-President. Read more from the Past-President and the Dean.



Psychiatry in Practice: The Clinical Skills Series

Student Associates - Psychiatry in Practice: The Clinical Skills Series

This is a series of clinical scenarios in which different actors, playing the role of patients, are being interviewed by psychiatrists. All of these scenarios are based upon real patients and they were put together with patient groups.



A new RCPsych film aimed at Medical students and Foundation Doctors. This film has been developed to promote the expansion of the Foundation Programme in Psychiatry.

Featuring trainees from a range of specialities talking through their positive experiences during their Foundation posts. Hear about what to expect, what you might learn including:- the skills, supervision and support, and advice. Presented by the Deputy National Director of the UK Foundation Programme.

Why it matters? - Produced by UCL PsychSoc, medical students interview non-psychiatrists about the extent of psychiatry involved in each of their specialties.

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Podcast by two 2nd year medical students, Victoria Mary Ellison & Conal Corr from the Queen’s University of Belfast Student Selected Component - Heads Above The Rest©



Student Associates

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UK Summer and Autumn Schools

Summer and Autumn Schools around the UK


Prizes and bursaries - Student Associates

Prizes and bursaries

Find about the great prizes and opportunities on offer!



Mental Health of Medical Students

SA Blogs

The Mental Health of Medical Students


Student Associates - News and events

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On-the-ground activity aimed at medical students and foundation doctors.


Psychiatry Career Paths


Psychiatric career paths

Make the progression from medical student to qualified psychiatrist.



Drawing from Life: Psychoanalytic Pictures of Psychiatry


How to enhance the patient/therapist relationship.


Students Associates - Psychiatry in the media

Psychiatry in the media

Do honest portrayals of psychiatry in the media exist?


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IC 2016

A third of medical students may be put off psychiatry as a career choice by stigmatisation.


Find out more about the Anti-BASH campaign


Summer and Autumn Schools

Find out about Summer and Autumn Schools around the UK


Student AssociatesHook up with other psychiatry enthusiasts. Find out which universities run psychiatry student societies.



Engage Your Mind


A new series of seminars aimed at medical students and foundation doctors to promote psychiatry as both a foundation post and career choice. 

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Northern and Yorkshire Division:
Trainee/Foundation Doctor/Medical Student Competition 2016

Take part in Did You Know? - a new series of factsheets? 

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 New iBook for Foundation doctors!

"Psychiatry for Junior Doctors: Practical Prompts" A set of easy access checklists for prompt reference in common psychiatric settings. 

Access the iBook here.