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CCT & CESR CP Applications

In order to be awarded either a CCT or CESR CP and gain entry on to the GMC's Specialist Register, you need to apply to both the GMC and the College. These applications can be made at the same time but both need to be completed before your certificate will be awarded. You need to pay a fee to the GMC but not to the College.

We will contact you by email about three months before your completion of training date to confirm that we have the correct completion date, specialties (including any sub-specialty endorsements) and route on record for you. If you are within two months of completion of training and you have not received such an email from us, please email us at with your:

  • College Membership number
  • GMC number
  • NTN
  • CCT date
  • Specialty (and-sub specialty if applicable)

Once we have confirmed these details we will notify the GMC of them and they will then contact you by email and invite you to apply for your CCT or CESR CP through GMC Online.

The GMC will not award you a CCT or CESR CP until they have received a recommendation from us that you should be granted one.

To apply to the College for a recommendation for CCT or CESR CP, please complete the RCPsych Completion of training notification form (Excel spreadsheet). You will need to provide details of all your training posts, including any periods of absence, and of all your ARCPs. We will also need copies of all your ARCP outcome forms from your deanery.

If you have any questions about the application process, please email us at

Please note that the GMC will only award you a CCT or CESR CP if you apply within 12 months of completing your training. If you do not apply within this period, you will have to apply for Specialist Registration by the CESR route.


Completion of training notification form

Please complete the form with details of all your training posts, including any periods of absence, and of all your ARCPs. Once you have completed the form, please save a copy for your records and email it to:

If you have any questions about how to fill in the form, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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