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Late-Onset Mental Disorders

Edited by Andreas Marneros

Price: £25.00

College members' price: £22.50

Published: 1999

Format: paperback

Number of pages: 200

ISBN: 9781901242263

The association between certain diseases and particular periods of life has been studied since the 19th century, yet attempts to delineate categories of mental disorder unique to old age have floundered over the decades, and the debate continues unabated.
After an historical overview, this book looks at differences between early-onset and late-onset disorders. Is there anything special about old-age depression? Are there any atypical features of late-onset schizophrenia? Besides questions concerning depression, dementia and psychosis, the book looks at sleep disturbances in the elderly, anxiety, use of anti-dementia drugs, anti-depressants and neuroleptics in old age, and psychological processes.
It will be of particular interest to old age psychiatrists, liaison psychiatrists, epidemiologists, university lecturers and medical historians.


1. Late-onset mental disorders: a conceptual history. - G. E. Berrios

2. Epidemiology of mental disorders in old age .- H. Helmchen, M. Linden, F. M.
    Reischies and T. Wernicke

3. Psychodiagnostic aspects of late-onset mental disorders: cognitive speed and the
    diagnosis of dementia.  - Ulrich M. Fleischmann

4. Late-onset depression: long-term course and outcome. - J. Angst

5. Delusional (psychotic) depression in the elderly. - Robert C. Baldwin

6. Late-onset schizophrenia .- Laura. L. Symonds and Dilip V. Jeste

7. Late-onset schizoaffective disorders. -  Andreas Marneros

8. Dysthymia, somatisation disorder and generalisedanxiety in the elderly. -  Dan. G. 

9. Sleep and sleep disturbances in the elderly. -  Ulrich Voderholzer and Mathias Berger

10. Neuropsychiatric features of dementia. - Alistair Burns

11. Brain imaging in late-onset mental disorders: testing hypotheses. - G. D. Pearlson

12. Treatment of late-onset mental disorder with antidepressants and neuroleptics.  - H.-J.

13. Antidementia drugs. - H.-J. Gertz and H. Wolf


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