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The Royal College of Psychiatrists Improving the lives of people with mental illness

BJPsych Bulletin current issue


Falls in Scottish homicide: lessons for homicide reduction in mental health patients [Editorials]

Crichton, J. H. M. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 185 - 186.

Evaluation of the 13-item Hypomania Checklist and a brief 3-item manic features questionnaire in primary care [Original papers]

Singh, S., Scouller, P., Smith, D. J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 187 - 191.

Flexible assertive community treatment (FACT) model in specialist psychosis teams: an evaluation [Original papers]

Sood, L., Owen, A., Onyon, R., Sharma, A., Nigriello, J., Markham, D., Seabrook, H. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 192 - 196.

Burnout and psychiatric morbidity among doctors in the UK: a systematic literature review of prevalence and associated factors [Review Article]

Imo, U. O. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 197 - 204.

The impact of transforming care on the care and safety of patients with intellectual disabilities and forensic needs [Special articles]

Taylor, J. L., McKinnon, I., Thorpe, I., Gillmer, B. T. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 205 - 208.

Prevent: what is pre-criminal space? [Special articles]

Goldberg, D., Jadhav, S., Younis, T. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 208 - 211.

Drug information update. Atypical antipsychotics and neuroleptic malignant syndrome: nuances and pragmatics of the association [Special articles]

Sarkar, S., Gupta, N. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 211 - 216.

Drug information update. Lithium and chronic kidney disease: debates and dilemmas [Special articles]

Gupta, S., Khastgir, U. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 216 - 220.

Shared decision-making in medication management: development of a training intervention [Education & training]

Stead, U., Morant, N., Ramon, S. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 221 - 227.

Trainee experiences of intellectual disability psychiatry and an innovative leaderless support group: a qualitative study [Education & training]

Spackman, R., Toogood, H., Kerridge, J., Nash, J., Anderson, E., Rai, D. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 228 - 233.

Scottish independence: the view of psychiatry from Edinburgh [Perspectives]

Bland, J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 234 - 236.

Patient admission and caregiver stress [Correspondence]

Kruger, E. R. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 237 - 237.

Being sensible about suicides [Correspondence]

Watts, J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 237 - 237.

To educate or to entertain? [Correspondence]

Newman-Zand, K. H. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 237 - 237.

Seeing, spots and blots [Correspondence]

Dhillon, B., Dhillon, N. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 238 - 238.

Vitamin D deficiency is to be expected due to immune changes related to mental health problems [Correspondence]

Swanepoel, A. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 238 - 238.

Handbook on Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders [Reviews]

Drummond, L. M. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 239 - 239.

Shrink Wrapped: Tales from Psychiatrists [Reviews]

Cooney, G. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 239 - 240.
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