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BJPsych Bulletin current issue


Treatment provision for gambling disorder in Britain: call for an integrated addictions treatment and commissioning model [Editorials]

George, S., Bowden-Jones, H. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 113 - 115.

Little evidence for community treatment orders - a battle fought with heavy weapons [Editorials]

Heun, R., Dave, S., Rowlands, P. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 115 - 118.

Community treatment orders in the UK 5 years on: a repeat national survey of psychiatrists [Original papers]

DeRidder, R., Molodynski, A., Manning, C., McCusker, P., Rugkasa, J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 119 - 123.

Community treatment orders and reduced time in hospital: a nationwide study, 2007-2012 [Original papers]

Taylor, M., Macpherson, M., Macleod, C., Lyons, D. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 124 - 126.

Body mass index and blood glucose in psychiatric and general practice populations [Original papers]

McAvoy, S., Cordiner, M., Kelly, J., Chiwanda, L., Jefferies, C., Miller, K., Shajahan, P. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 127 - 131.

Cost and carbon burden of long-acting injections: a sustainable evaluation [Original papers]

Maughan, D. L., Lillywhite, R., Cooke, M. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 132 - 136.

Changes in risk factors for young male suicide in Newcastle upon Tyne, 1961-2009 [Original papers]

Linsley, K. R., Schapira, M. A., Schapira, K., Lister, C. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 136 - 141.

Mind how you cross the gap! Outcomes for young people who failed to make the transition from child to adult services: the TRACK study [Original papers]

Islam, Z., Ford, T., Kramer, T., Paul, M., Parsons, H., Harley, K., Weaver, T., McLaren, S., Singh, S. P. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 142 - 148.

End-of-life care in a psychiatric hospital [Special articles]

Waterman, L. Z., Denton, D., Minton, O. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 149 - 152.

Prescribing clozapine and rifampicin: clinical impact of their interaction [Special articles]

Parker, C. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 153 - 155.

Services for people with complex psychosis: towards a new understanding [Current Practice]

Edwards, T., Macpherson, R., Commander, M., Meaden, A., Kalidindi, S. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 156 - 161.

Protesting loudly about Prevent is popular but is it informed and sensible? [Correspondence]

Hurlow, J., Wilson, S., James, D. V. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 162 - 163.

Author's reply [Correspondence]

Summerfield, D. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 163 - 163.

Secure services for patients should be needs based and locally available [Correspondence]

Mirza, I., Kripalani, M. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 163 - 164.

Bryan Lask, FRCPsych: Formerly Emeritus Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, St George's University of London [Obituaries]

Graham, P. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 165 - 166.

In the Chair: How to Guide Groups and Manage Meetings [Reviews]

Williams, D. D. R. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 167 - 167.

Sad Dad: An Exploration of Postnatal Depression in Fathers [Reviews]

Coccia, F. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 167 - 168.