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BJPsych Bulletin current issue


'Locked rehabilitation: a need for clarification [Editorials]

Dye, S., Smyth, L., Pereira, S. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 1 - 4.

Maintaining Adherence Programme: evaluation of an innovative service model [Original papers]

Lewis, L., O'Keeffe, C., Smyth, I., Mallalieu, J., Baldock, L., Oliver, S. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 5 - 11.

Development of a compassion-focused and contextual behavioural environment and validation of the Therapeutic Environment Scales (TESS) [Original papers]

Veale, D., Miles, S., Naismith, I., Pieta, M., Gilbert, P. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 12 - 19.

Reasons for choosing to specialise in psychiatry: differences between core psychiatry trainees and consultant psychiatrists [Original papers]

Denman, M., Oyebode, F., Greening, J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 19 - 23.

In-patient rehabilitation: clinical outcomes and cost implications [Original papers]

Bunyan, M., Ganeshalingam, Y., Morgan, E., Thompson-Boy, D., Wigton, R., Holloway, F., Tracy, D. K. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 24 - 28.

BJPsych Bulletin author mentoring scheme - helping trainees become published authors [Special articles]

Pimm, J., Galbraith, N. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 29 - 30.

Ending political abuse of psychiatry: where we are at and what needs to be done [Special articles]

van Voren, R. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 30 - 33.

Debating personal health budgets [Current Practice]

Alakeson, V., Boardman, J., Boland, B., Crimlisk, H., Harrison, C., Iliffe, S., Khan, M., O'Shea, R., Patterson, J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 34 - 37.

End-of-life care in psychiatry: 'one chance to get it right [Current Practice]

Galappathie, N., Khan, S. T. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 38 - 40.

Medical certification of incapacity in guardianship applications: conceptualising capacity [Current Practice]

Russ, T. C., Thomson, A., Lyons, D. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 41 - 44.

How psychiatric trainees keep up to date: survey of psychiatric trainees' use of journals and other information sources [Education & training]

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The exit examination should not function as a selection criterion [Correspondence]

Davies, G. R. W. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 49 - 49.

Correction [Correction]

Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 49 - 49.

Faith Spicer OBE (MB, BS, JP): Formerly Director, London Youth Advisory Centre (later the Brandon Centre) [Obituaries]

Wilson, P. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 50 - 51.

Harry Kaye Rose (LRCP, LRCS, DPH, DPM, FRCPsych): Formerly Consultant Psychiatrist, Greenwich District Hospital and Bexley Hospital [Obituaries]

The Rose Family, Humblestone, B., Mansi, T. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 51 - 51.

James Leo Gibbons (MD (Newcastle), FRCP, FRCPsych): Formerly Professor of Psychiatry and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, University of Southampton (1970-1986) [Obituaries]

Russell, G. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 52 - 53.

Overcoming Distressing Voices: A Self-Help Guide Using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques [Reviews]

Cooper, D. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 53 - 53.

CBT for Mild to Moderate Depression and Anxiety: A Guide to Low-Intensity Interventions [Reviews]

O'Shea, C. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 53 - 54.

Art as Healing [Reviews]

Pitman, A. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 54 - 54.

Lean Behavioral Health: The Kings County Hospital Story [Reviews]

Cornick, S. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 55 - 55.

Understanding Curriculum: The Australian Context [Reviews]

Lyons, Z. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 55 - 56.