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The Royal College of Psychiatrists Improving the lives of people with mental illness

BJPsych Bulletin current issue


Mental health law across the UK [Editorials]

Zigmond, T. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 305 - 307.

Newspaper depictions of mental and physical health [Original papers]

Chen, M., Lawrie, S. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 308 - 313.

Implementation of a novel primary care pathway for patients with severe and enduring mental illness [Original papers]

Röhricht, F., Waddon, G. K., Binfield, P., England, R., Fradgley, R., Hertel, L., James, P., Littlejohns, J., Maher, D., Oppong, M. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 314 - 319.

National survey of training of psychiatrists on advance directives to refuse treatment in bipolar disorder [Original papers]

Morriss, R., Mudigonda, M., Bartlett, P., Chopra, A., Jones, S. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 320 - 324.

Assessing the second-hand effects of a new no-smoking policy in an acute mental health trust [Original papers]

Perry, B. I., Meehan, K., Jainer, A. K. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 325 - 330.

A service evaluation of outcomes in two in-patient recovery units [Original papers]

Macpherson, R., Calciu, C., Foy, C., Humby, K., Lozynskyj, D., Garton, C., Steer, H., Elliott, H. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 330 - 336.

Weekend new patient reviews in psychiatry: evaluation of activity over 3 months [Original papers]

Rutherford, M., Potter, M. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 337 - 340.

New models of care: a liaison psychiatry service for medically unexplained symptoms and frequent attenders in primary care [Original papers]

Bestall, J., Siddiqi, N., Heywood-Everett, S., Freeman, C., Carder, P., James, M., Kennedy, B., Moulson, A., House, A. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 340 - 344.

Systematic review into factors associated with the recruitment crisis in psychiatry in the UK: students', trainees' and consultants' views [Review Article]

Choudry, A., Farooq, S. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 345 - 352.

Mental Capacity Act (Northern Ireland) 2016 [Current Practice]

Lynch, G., Taggart, C., Campbell, P. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 353 - 357.

Measuring relational security in forensic mental health services [Current Practice]

Chester, V., Alexander, R. T., Morgan, W. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 358 - 363.

Profile. The constant psychiatrist: an interview with Michael Kopelman [Perspectives]

Poole, N. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 364 - 365.

Clozapine withdrawal syndrome [Correspondence]

Breen, E. G. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 366 - 366.

Living with obsessional personality [Correspondence]

Rowland, T. A., Jainer, A. K., Panchal, R. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 366 - 367.

'Burnout syndrome - from nosological indeterminacy to epidemiological nonsense [Correspondence]

Bianchi, R., Schonfeld, I. S., Laurent, E. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 367 - 368.

Soft diagnosis, guidelines and hard choices [Correspondence]

Antczak, K., Cummings, E. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 368 - 368.

Handbook of Secure Care [Reviews]

Thomson, L. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 368 - 368.
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