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The Royal College of Psychiatrists Improving the lives of people with mental illness

BJPsych Bulletin current issue


Reforming the culture of healthcare: the case for intelligent kindness [Editorials]

Campling, P. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 1 - 5.

A memory clinic v. traditional community mental health team service: comparison of costs and quality [Original papers]

Rubinsztein, J. S., van Rensburg, M. J., Al-Salihy, Z., Girling, D., Lafortune, L., Radhakrishnan, M., Brayne, C. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 6 - 11.

Heads in the sand may leave old age psychiatry looking foolish and vulnerable: Commentary on . . . A memory clinic v. traditional community mental health team service [Original papers]

Jolley, D. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 12 - 14.

The cardiovascular safety of the empirical measurement of the seizure threshold in electroconvulsive therapy [Original papers]

Mizen, L., Morton, C., Scott, A. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 14 - 18.

Anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor encephalitis: review of clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment [Review Article]

Barry, H., Byrne, S., Barrett, E., Murphy, K. C., Cotter, D. R. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 19 - 23.

The planning, implementation and publication of a complex intervention trial for chronic fatigue syndrome: the PACE trial [Special articles]

White, P. D., Chalder, T., Sharpe, M. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 24 - 27.

Providing free heroin to addicts participating in research - ethical concerns and the question of voluntariness [Special articles]

Henden, E., Baeroe, K. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 28 - 31.

Anti-NMDA-receptor encephalitis presenting with catatonia and neuroleptic malignant syndrome in patients with intellectual disability and autism [Current Practice]

Kiani, R., Lawden, M., Eames, P., Critchley, P., Bhaumik, S., Odedra, S., Gumber, R. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 32 - 35.

Alcohol dependence and driving: knowledge of DVLA regulations [Current Practice]

Collier, A., Watts, M., Ghosh, S., Rice, P., Dewhurst, N. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 35 - 38.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy by psychiatric trainees: can a little knowledge be a good thing? [Education & training]

Kelleher, E., Hayde, M., Tone, Y., Dud, I., Kearns, C., McGoldrick, M., McDonough, M. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 39 - 44.

Personal experience: Suicide and psychiatric care - a lament [Perspectives]

Holmes, J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 45 - 47.

NHS morality and care based on compassionate values [Correspondence]

Haigh, R. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 48 - 48.

NHS morality and care based on compassionate values [Correspondence]

Poole, R. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 48 - 49.

Authors' reply [Correspondence]

Cox, J., Gray, A. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 49 - 49.

False positive phencyclidine result on urine drug testing: a little known cause [Correspondence]

Landy, G. L., Kripalani, M. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 50 - 50.

No beds for young people - also in Scotland [Correspondence]

Kathuria, L. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 50 - 51.

It is more than just beds [Correspondence]

Fung, N. K., Cullen, L. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 51 - 51.

Self-diagnosing bipolar disorder: questions for clinicians [Correspondence]

Sharma, A., Kumar, J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 51 - 51.

Lorna Wing OBE, MD, FRCPsych Formerly psychiatrist and physician, Social Psychiatry Unit, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London, co-founder of the UK National Autistic Society [Obituaries]

Gillberg, C. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 52 - 53.

Preventing Mental Ill-Health: Informing Public Health Planning and Mental Health Practice [Reviews]

Bouquet, B. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 54 - 54.

Our Encounters with Self-Harm [Reviews]

Hunt, E. J. F. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 54 - 55.

Early Psychosis Intervention: A Culturally Adaptive Clinical Guide [Reviews]

Ho, R. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 55 - 55.

Voicing Caregiver Experiences: Wellbeing and Recovery Narratives for Caregivers [Reviews]

Mountain, D. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 55 - 56.