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The Royal College of Psychiatrists Improving the lives of people with mental illness

BJPsych Bulletin current issue


Big data in mental health research - do the ns justify the means? Using large data-sets of electronic health records for mental health research [Editorials]

Schofield, P. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 129 - 132.

Vitamin D deficiency in adolescents in a tier 4 psychiatric unit [Original papers]

Stewart, N. F., Lewis, S. N. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 133 - 136.

Adherence to NICE guidance on lifestyle advice for people with schizophrenia: a survey [Original papers]

Swaby, L., Hind, D., Gossage-Worrall, R., Shiers, D., Mitchell, J., Holt, R. I. G. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 137 - 144.

Are men under-treated and women over-treated with antidepressants? Findings from a cross-sectional survey in Sweden [Original papers]

Thunander Sundbom, L., Bingefors, K., Hedborg, K., Isacson, D. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 145 - 150.

An analysis of whether a working-age ward-based liaison psychiatry service requires the input of a liaison psychiatrist [Original papers]

Guthrie, E. A., McMeekin, A. T., Khan, S., Makin, S., Shaw, B., Longson, D. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 151 - 155.

Civil and forensic patients in secure psychiatric settings: a comparison [Original papers]

Galappathie, N., Khan, S. T., Hussain, A. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 156 - 159.

Known unknowns and unknown unknowns in suicide risk assessment: evidence from meta-analyses of aleatory and epistemic uncertainty [Review Article]

Large, M., Galletly, C., Myles, N., Ryan, C. J., Myles, H. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 160 - 163.

Drug information update. Unconventional treatment strategies for schizophrenia: polypharmacy and heroic dosing [Special articles]

Moore, B. A., Morrissette, D. A., Meyer, J. M., Stahl, S. M. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 164 - 168.

Should compulsory admission to hospital be part of suicide prevention strategies? [Special articles]

Wang, D. W. L., Colucci, E. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 169 - 171.

Improving the quality of mental health services using patient outcome data: making the most of HoNOS [Current Practice]

Crawford, M. J., Zoha, M., Macdonald, A. J. D., Kingdon, D. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 172 - 176.

Personalisation and social care assessment - the Care Act 2014 [Current Practice]

Barnes, D., Boland, B., Linhart, K., Wilson, K. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 176 - 180.

Capacity assessments - diagnosis is misleading [Correspondence]

Behr, G. M. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 181 - 181.

Post-flight confusion [Correspondence]

Rands, G. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 181 - 181.

Dr Robert George (Rob) Jones FRCPsych: Formerly Honorary Professor of Old Age Psychiatry, University of Nottingham [Obituaries]

Dening, T., Arie, T. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 182 - 183.

Mental Health in the Digital Age: Grave Dangers, Great Promise [Reviews]

Zhang, M. W. B. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 183 - 183.

MCQs in Psychiatry for Medical Students [Reviews]

Dash, S. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 183 - 184.
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