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The Royal College of Psychiatrists Improving the lives of people with mental illness

BJPsych Bulletin current issue


Children and Young People's Improving Access to Psychological Therapies: inspiring innovation or more of the same? [Editorials]

Timimi, S. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 57 - 60.

Venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in mental healthcare: do the benefits outweigh the risks? [Editorials]

Patel, R. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 61 - 64.

London's liaison psychiatry services: survey of service provision [Original papers]

Naidu, S., Bolton, J., Smith, J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 65 - 69.

Lessons from export to New Zealand of the second opinion appointed doctor scheme [Original papers]

Dawson, J., Glue, P., Ellis, P. M., Lenagh-Glue, J., Goldsmith, D., Smith, D. A. R. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 69 - 73.

Advance care planning and palliative medicine in advanced dementia: a literature review [Review Article]

Jethwa, K. D., Onalaja, O. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 74 - 78.

Recognition of the neurobiological insults imposed by complex trauma and the implications for psychotherapeutic interventions [Special articles]

Corrigan, F. M., Hull, A. M. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 79 - 86.

Neglect of the complex: why psychotherapy for post-traumatic clinical presentations is often ineffective [Special articles]

Corrigan, F. M., Hull, A. M. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 86 - 89.

Age inclusive services or separate old age and working age services? A historical analysis from the formative years of old age psychiatry c.1940-1989 [Special articles]

Hilton, C. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 90 - 95.

Severn School of Psychiatry education fellowships: a new way to promote educational practice and research [Education & training]

Macpherson, R., Arulanandam, S., Undrill, G., Atkinson, S., Arnott, S., Hughes, S., Toogood, H., Scheeres, K., Matone, L. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 96 - 99.

Bulletin comment: Ever-expanding empires [Perspectives]

Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 100 - 100.

Naturalistic studies evaluating 'real world' OPC patients are welcome [Correspondence]

Mustafa, F. A. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 101 - 101.

Authors' reply [Correspondence]

Castells-Aulet, L. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 101 - 101.

Cardiovascular screening in severe mental illness still awaits an evidence base [Correspondence]

Brown, S. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 101 - 102.

Understanding Medical Education: Evidence, Theory and Practice (2nd edn) [Reviews]

Lunn, B. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 103 - 103.

Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia [Reviews]

Barrow, E. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 103 - 104.

Psychiatry: Past, Present and Prospect [Reviews]

Murphy, E. Psychiatric Bulletin, 39, 104 - 104.