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BJPsych Bulletin current issue


Evolutionary psychiatry: a new College special interest group [Editorials]

Abed, R., St John-Smith, P. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 233 - 236.

Screening for depression in primary care: a Rasch analysis of the PHQ-9 [Original papers]

Horton, M., Perry, A. E. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 237 - 243.

The application of Rasch measurement theory to psychiatric clinical outcomes research: Commentary on ... Screening for depression in primary care [Original papers]

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Compliance of community teams with specialist service recommendations for obsessive-compulsive and body dysmorphic disorders [Original papers]

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Psychiatrists' follow-up of identified metabolic risk: a mixed-method analysis of outcomes and influences on practice [Original papers]

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Medical comorbidity and projected survival in patients admitted to a specialist addictions in-patient unit [Original papers]

Mogford, D. V., Lawrence, R. J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 255 - 260.

An acute in-patient psychiatric service for 16- to 17-year-old adolescents in the UK: a descriptive evaluation [Reviews Articles]

Duddu, V., Rhouma, A., Qureshi, M., Chaudhry, I. B., Drake, T., Sumra, A., Husain, N. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 261 - 265.

Women in acute psychiatric units, their characteristics and needs: a review [Reviews Articles]

Archer, M., Lau, Y., Sethi, F. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 266 - 272.

Narratives of experience of mental health and illness on [Special articles]

Kidd, J., Ziebland, S. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 273 - 276.

Digitally enabled patients, professionals and providers: making the case for an electronic health record in mental health services [Special articles]

Richardson, J., McDonald, J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 277 - 280.

The Foundation Programme in psychiatry: a qualitative study into the effects of a foundation placement [Education & training]

Boyle, A., Davies, S., Dogra, N., Perry, J., Fosker, H. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 281 - 284.

Paracetamol and risk factors in Newcastle [Correspondence]

Macdonald, A. J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 285 - 285.

Terrorism: it's not mental illness - it's politics [Correspondence]

McGarry, P. J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 285 - 285.

Guidance on advance care planning [Correspondence]

Waite, J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 285 - 285.

Author's reply [Correspondence]

Minton, O. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 286 - 286.

Correction [Correction]

Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 286 - 286.

Ian Reid MB, ChB, PhD, FRCPsych: Formerly Professor of Mental Health and Head of Department, School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Aberdeen [Obituaries]

Hamilton, R., Palin, A. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 286 - 287.

Dr Sabina Strich BCh, DM, MRCPath, MRCP, FRCPsych: Formerly Honorary Consultant Neuropathologist, The Bethlem Royal andThe Maudsley hospitals, Reader in Neuropathology, Institute of Psychiatry and Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Croydon Child Guidance Clinic [Obituaries]

Agulnik, P. Psychiatric Bulletin, 40, 287 - 288.