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Psychiatric Bulletin current issue


Psychiatry, subjectivity and emotion - deepening the medical model [Editorials]

Yakeley, J., Hale, R., Johnston, J., Kirtchuk, G., Shoenberg, P. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 97 - 101.

Management of medically unexplained symptoms: outcomes of a specialist liaison clinic [Original papers]

Rohricht, F., Elanjithara, T. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 102 - 107.

Manual-assisted cognitive therapy for self-harm in personality disorder and substance misuse: a feasibility trial [Original papers]

Davidson, K. M., Brown, T. M., James, V., Kirk, J., Richardson, J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 108 - 111.

Measuring clinically significant outcomes - LDQ, CORE-10 and SSQ as dimension measures of addiction [Original papers]

Raistrick, D., Tober, G., Sweetman, J., Unsworth, S., Crosby, H., Evans, T. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 112 - 115.

Prescribing for personality disorder: qualitative study of interviews with general and forensic consultant psychiatrists [Original papers]

Martean, L., Evans, C. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 116 - 121.

Reported child awareness of parental depression [Original papers]

Eyre, O., Jones, R. B., Mars, B., Hammerton, G., Sellers, R., Potter, R., Thapar, A., Rice, F., Collishaw, S., Thapar, A. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 122 - 127.

Undertaking clinical audit, with reference to a Prescribing Observatory for Mental Health audit of lithium monitoring [Special articles]

Paton, C., Barnes, T. R. E. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 128 - 131.

Standardised patients with intellectual disabilities in training tomorrow's doctors [Education & training]

Thomas, B., Courtenay, K., Hassiotis, A., Strydom, A., Rantell, K. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 132 - 136.

A model for managing violence in acute adult admission wards [Correspondence]

Magnes, R. M. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 137 - 137.

Neuroimaging in dementia: how best to use the guidelines? [Correspondence]

Alachkar, M. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 137 - 138.

Exposure to acute child psychiatry presentations for core psychiatrists [Correspondence]

Shine, A. K., Conn, R., Davids, Z. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 138 - 138.

Psychiatry for medical students: need for a more holistic approach to teaching? [Correspondence]

Rodney, K., Wilkinson, L. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 138 - 139.

Factors associated with the use of community treatment orders [Correspondence]

McKie, R. J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 139 - 139.

Misunderstanding recall [Correspondence]

Dudleston, K. E. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 139 - 139.

Options in managing alternatives to hyoscine in clozapine-induced hypersalivation: a survey of secure services consultants [Correspondence]

Kasmi, Y. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 140 - 140.

Cardiovascular monitoring in patients prescribed clozapine [Correspondence]

Jones, W. R., Narayana, U., Howarth, S., Shinners, J., Nazar, Q. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 140 - 140.

Dr Henry Rollin MD, FRCPsych, FRCPsych (Hon), FRCP [Obituaries]

Bluglass, R. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 141 - 142.

Recovery from Eating Disorders: A Guide for Clinicians and Their Clients [Reviews]

Schmidt, U. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 143 - 143.

A Clinician's Brief Guide to the Mental Capacity Act / Mental Capacity Legislation: Principles and Practice [Reviews]

Spencer, B. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 143 - 144.

Geriatric Psychiatry [Reviews]

Milward, K. Psychiatric Bulletin, 38, 144 - 144.