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The Royal College of Psychiatrists Improving the lives of people with mental illness

A suggested checklist for developing a PDP


1. Clinical issues

Is my practice within accepted guidelines? If there are areas where it departs from these, can I defend my practice?

Can I measure or describe the outcome or effectiveness of my treatments?
Do I subject my clinical work to peer review/supervision?
Am I regularly involved in clinical audit? If not, what steps should I take to rectify this?
Do I have a special interest? Do I wish to develop my expertise in this area?
Do I change my practice in response to new evidence? Should I rethink this area?
Do I tend to focus my CPD activities around my special interests or enthusiasms? Does that perpetuate deficits/blind spots in other areas?

2. Training & teaching issues

Am I fulfilling my obligations as an educational supervisor?
Do I use my supervision sessions with my junior doctor effectively?
Do I know enough about effective educational techniques?
Do I have adequate critical appraisal skills for evaluating research evidence? Can I pass these skills on to my junior doctor?
How could I set about improving my teaching/facilitation skills?
Do I know of/avail myself of teaching improvement courses?

3. Clinical organisational issues

Do I have the appropriate skills and expertise for new service developments?

Do I have a formal management role? If not, should I?
Do I need to rethink my priorities/commitments?
Do I need to learn new techniques for dealing with colleagues/managers?
Do I need to learn more about business planning, etc.?
Do I need to become more effective in chairing/managing meetings?
Do I need to become more effective at developing teamwork?
Do I need to improve my leadership skills?
Do I need to improve my IT skills?
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