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The Royal College of Psychiatrists Improving the lives of people with mental illness


RCPsych NI Executive Committee & Officers

NI Executive Meetings




Thursday 9 February

10:00am-4:30pm – Strategy Day and Executive Meeting (Belfast Castle)

Wednesday 29 March

10:00am-3:00pm – AGM and Spring Conference

Thursday 15 June

2:00pm – (Clifton House)

Tuesday 19 September - (Not now 14 Sept) 

2:00pm – (Clifton House)

Thursday 7 December

2:00pm – (Clifton House)

Officer Job Descriptions


Member Year of joining Position
Dr Gerard Lynch 2016 (E) Chair
Dr Michael Doherty 2016 (C) Vice Chair
Dr Stephen Moore 2016 (E) Financial Officer
Dr Paul Bell 2013 Committee Member
Dr Janet Corry 2014 (C) Committee Member
Dr Elizabeth Dawson 2016 (C) Committee Member
Dr Caroline Donnelly 2015 (E) Elected Member
Dr Margaret Du Feu 2017 (E) Committee Member
Dr Adrian East 2016 (C) Committee Member
Dr Colin Gorman 2016 (C) Committee Member
Dr Holly Greer 2016 (C) Committee Member
Dr Margaret Kelly 2016 (C) Committee Member
Dr Gerard Loughrey 2012 (EX) Regional Adviser
Dr Janine Lynch 2014 (C) Committee Member
Dr Patrick Manley 2016 Committee Member
Dr Rowan McClean 2017 (C) Committee Member
Dr Joan McGuinness 2015 (C) Committee Member
Dr Joanne Minay 2016 (C) Committee Member
Dr Patricia Moynihan 2013 (C) Committee Member
Dr Francis O'Neill 2013 (C) Committee Member
Dr John Sharkey 2014 (C) Committee Member
Dr Deirdre Shields 2015 (C) Committee Member
Dr Peter Sloan 2015 (E) Elected Member
Dr Adele Swindles 2015 (C) Committee Member
Dr Muhammad Tareen 2015 (E) Elected Member
Dr Helen Toal 2013 (C) Committee Member
Dr Annette Thampi 2017 (E) Committee Member
Dr Peter Trimble 2013 (C) Parliamentary Liaison
Dr Richard Wilson 2015 (C) Committee Member
Dr Graeme Young 2015 (C) Committee Member


Faculties of the Division

The following Faculties/Groups organise programmes of academic meetings:-

General Adult Psychiatry


Dr R McClean

Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability


Dr J McGuinness

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry


Dr R Wilson

Forensic Psychiatry


Dr A East

Liaison Psychiatry


Dr J Minay

Psychiatry of Old Age


Dr D Shields



Dr J Corry

Addiction Psychiatry


Dr H Toal



Dr T O'Neill



Dr J Lynch


Chair (Senior Trainees)

Dr M Kelly & Dr G Young


Chair (Core Trainees)

Dr C Gorman

Affiliates and SAS Group


Dr L Dawson


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