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Faculty of Perinatal Psychiatry

Executive Committee

Perinatal Psychiatry Section


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Perinatal PDP meeting minutes template

Dr Tara Lawn, Consultant in Perinatal Psychiatry:

This is the template that is used for our monthly perinatal CPD meetings.

We have 6 members all of whom are perinatal consultant psychiatrists. Having a rolling agenda works well and any extra agenda items are added as needed. This format allows the sharing and discussion of new scientific research within both perinatal psychiatry and general psychiatry and we can all be kept up to date on forthcoming conferences and courses that may be relevant to our personal development.

Members also feedback on any training, conferences or meetings that they have attended and discuss key points.

The meetings usually last 3 hours of which we set aside an hour for case based discussions. In this way we support each other with complex clinical scenarios, reflect on our practice and fulfil the criteria for CBD for the purposes of revalidation.



Executive Committee


Member Year of joining Position
Dr Trudi Seneviratne 2016 (E) Chair
Dr Giles Berrisford 2016 (E) Vice Chair
Dr Andrew Cairns 2016 (C) Financial Officer
Dr Sarah Ashurst-Williams 2015 (C) Committee member
Dr Joanne Black 2016 (E) Committee member
Dr David Coyle 2015 (C) Committee member
Dr Aman Durrani 2016 (E) Committee member
Prof David Foreman 2014 (C) Committee member
Dr Zeyn Green-Thompson 2016 (E) Committee member
Dr Jane Hamilton 2014 (E) Committee member
Dr Sarah Jones 2016 (C) Committee member
Dr Jona Lewin 2014 (E) Committee member
Dr Cressida Manning 2016 (E) Committee member
Dr Livia Martucci 2016 (C) Committee member
Dr Maddalena Miele-Norton 2014 (E) Committee member
Dr Joanne Minay 2014 (E) Committee member
Dr Mary Murphy-Ford 2016 (E) Committee member
Ms Emily Slater 2013 (C) Committee member
Dr Ruth White 2014 (E) Committee member
Dr Dharshini Ratnam 2017 (C) Committee member
Dr Paola Dazzan 2017 (C) Committee member
Dr Jonathan Wood 2017 (C) Committee member
Dr Catherine Wilson 2017 (C) Higher Trainee Representative
Dr Eleanor Romaine 2016 (C) PTC Representative
Ms Andrea Lambert 2015 (C) Service User/Carer Rep
Ms Joanna Friend 2016 (C) Service User/Carer Rep



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Event: Faculty of Perinatal Psychiatry Annual Scientific Conference 2017 (16 November 2017) and Charity fundraising evening (15 November 2017)


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