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Support for trainees

To contact the Psychiatrists' Support Service please telephone: 020 7245 0412  or e-mail:


Trainees may receive support from their clinical and educational supervisors, College tutors, Training programme directors, Directors of medical education and Heads of School. In addition, the local deaneries often have their own support structures in place which trainees can access. This varies from deanery to deanery. Listed below are some of the services available from each deanery. If you are aware of further resources, please e-mail us at and we can ensure that these are added on to the site to benefit other trainees.



East Midlands Workforce Deanery

There is a Deanery training support unit which offers confidential support to trainees in difficulty. There is access to external sources of support in the form of: coaching, counselling, language support, dyslexia, neuro-linguistic programming, occupational health, career management, communication workshops and educational psychology. The self referral telephone number is: 0115 8468179


Careers support:

There is career guidance and support with career planning available. There are workshops which are run to help doctors make decisions about their careers. There is an online medical school career handbook aimed at junior doctors and medical students.

East of England Deanery

Trainees in difficulty can contact Dr Margaret Murphy and those looking for careers support can contact the relevant person from the careers support list.

London Deanery

Mednet is a self-referral service for those living or working within area covered by London Deanery and KSS Deanery. MedNet provides doctors and dentists with confidential consultations, advice about their careers, emotional support, and when needed, access to other expert help.  This may include more specialised psychotherapeutic interventions (which embrace all the mainstream modalities of psychotherapy), or specialised psychiatric advice. It is staffed by Consultant Psychiatrists in Psychotherapy

Tel: 020 8938 2411



The Practitioner Health Programme is a service for those living within London who experience mental or physical health concerns or addiction problems that impact on work.

Tel: 0203 049 4505


Website: Practitioner Health Programme   


There is also a coaching and mentoring service in London deanery.


Careers support:

London trainees can contact the Head of School, Dr Michael Maier, for careers advice.


KSS trainees can contact Joan Reid for careers advice.


There is also a careers unit available in the Deanery whichl offers one-to-one and group career support sessions.

Tel: 020 7866 3230


Mersey Deanery

There is a Mersey Deanery Career Management and Advice Service aims to support doctors in training to manage their careers effectively. Advice can be provided by Educational Supervisors, Supervising Consultants, College/ Specialty Tutors, Directors of Medical Education and Postgraduate Centre Managers. There is also a Careers Guidance Practitioner. There are also career planning workshops, careers information and advice, one-to-one condfidential careers guidance and careers events.


Dr. Alistair Thomson
Associate Post Graduate Dean

Mrs Christine Waddelove

Senior Careers Adviser
Tel: 0151 285 4700 / 4701

Northern Deanery

House Concern is a clinical service for all doctors and dentists in Northern deanery. They provide short term support and treatment to those who develop psychological or emotional problems. There are workshops, educational seminars and lectures and access to individual psychotherapy.

Tel: 0191 230 0043


Trained mentors are also available in dentistry, primary and secondary care within the Deanery.  



Dr. Alistair Thomson
Associate Post Graduate Dean

Mrs Christine Waddelove
Senior Careers Adviser

Tel: 0151 285 4700 / 4701


Careers support:

Careers support is available for local trainees.


For more generic careers advice, trainees can contact Mike Wilson, NDFS Careers Lead , Tel: (0191) 222 8898, Email:

North Western Deanery

There is an online resource for careers support.

Oxford Deanery

Medic Support is a service funded by Oxford Deanery where trainees can self-refer if they are struggling with work related or personal difficulties.

June Dent, Consultant Clinical Psychologist -  email:  . 

Tel: Secretary 01865 738500               

Philip Roys, Consultant Adult Psychotherapist - email:

Tel: Secretary 01865 556648               

There is also a career development unit which offers one-to-one support for doctors and dentists who need help with their professional development due to, for example, difficulties at work or training progress being significantly slower than expected.


Severn Deanery 

There is a Deanery trainee support team which trainees can self-refer to.

Yorkshire and the Humber Deanery

There is information online for trainee support.


There is a counselling service for trainees working in North, West and East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire
Address: 19 Clarendon PLace, Leeds LS2 9JY
Tel: 0113 343 4642


There is a counselling service for trainees working in South Yorkshire
Address: Workplace Wellbeing, 30 Wilkinson Street, Sheffield  S10 2GB
Tel:  0114 226 1810

South West Peninsula Deanery

A short term counselling service is available to doctors training in the deanery and is provided by Hammet Street Consultants Ltd.

Tel: 01823 271428

Mobile Service: 07918 170528



A mentoring scheme and career planning scheme are also available.

Wales Deanery

There is a Professional Support Unit which supports all doctors in training whose performance and career progress has been affected in some way.

Tel: 029 2068 7417


Careers support

Educational Supervisors are the first point of contact for assistance, guidance and feedback on the educational and career development process. Specialty Training School, College Tutors and Programme Directors provide the next level of support. The Postgraduate Organiser (PGO) can be approached if there is a career issue that cannot be resolved at these initial stages.


The Deanery Careers Team can help if trainees have serious doubts about your career choice or progress and it is possible to self refer.



West Midlands Workforce Deanery

West Midlands Deanery offers a Confidential Counselling service provided by Clinical Psychology Associates (CPA) for doctors in training.

Telephone: 0161 834 4662
Website: West Midlands Deanery Counselling Service


Careers support:

For specialty specific information in psychiatry contact: Dr Susan Lister

There is also a careers team at the Deanery:

Helen Bodenham-Chilton, Lead administrator, E-mail:

Dr Helen Goodyear Associate Dean for Careers, Tel: 0121 695 2399


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