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Why choose ACP 360?

Over 5,000 psychiatrists have registered with ACP 360. Two thirds of these were enrolled by participating NHS Mental Health Trusts and Bodies. The psychometric properties of ACP 360 have been tested and the results were published in the British Journal of Psychiatry.


It offers the best value for money: ACP 360 is £94 plus VAT per cycle, when you enrol 10 or more (£94 + 20% vat by 10=£1,128), and with the GMC requirements for 360 appraisal every five years (you may of course use it more often) it works out at just £20 per year.


Only tool designed and validated for psychiatrists by psychiatrists: ACP 360 is based on a validated tool ( It is designed specifically for psychiatrists and is the only product endorsed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists


Only tool that provides benchmarked feedback for psychiatrists: Each psychiatrist receives results in the context of benchmarks from thousands of other U.K. psychiatrists.


Most detailed and in-depth feedback: The report systematically collates feedback from colleagues and patients on key components of high quality care: communication; decision-making; and strength of working relationships - with patients, carers and colleagues. Colleagues provide free text comments on a participant’s areas of strength and areas for improvement. The report can be incorporated into an appraisal folder, and revalidation portfolio. Sample reports and questionnaires can be found in Resources.


Easy to use: 90% of participants agreed that the instructions are easy to follow and that no training was required to take part.


Suitable for ALL psychiatrists: We have versions of ACP 360 for CAMHS psychiatrists and for psychiatrists for people with learning disability - please specify on the enrolment form if you would like either one of these. If you do not see patients, we can also offer a 270 degree appraisal based on self assessment and colleague feedback.

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What psychiatrists say about ACP 360:

'I used the findings to reflect on my practice and to identify areas where I could change'

'A relatively simple process that was much easier than I feared'

'I noticed that my colleagues' and my patients' views were very different than the way I see my practice. I have tried to listen more'

'I used my results as evidence for my application for a Clinical Excellence award'

'I have found the feedback on areas I need to improve quite motivating and have since endeavoured to improve on them'