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The Royal College of Psychiatrists Improving the lives of people with mental illness


Joining the Low Secure Quality Network

The Benefits

  • A peer-review visit from a multi-disciplinary team of forensic clinicians and patients from throughout the UK.

  • A detailed service report recognising areas of achievement and suggesting approaches to improvement. Data will be collected via interviews and a local report will be written, detailing the extent to which the unit has met the service standards. 

  • The opportunity to visit other forensic services as part of a peer-review team. Staff from your service will be invited to review other services as members of a peer-review team. They will be supported by a member of the central project team. Staff learn valuable lessons from seeing good practice, practice elsewhere and engage in frank discussion about problems and explore potential solutions. Teams also learn about the standards and their rationale by using them to evaluate a service.

  • Access to attendance at our Annual Forum discussing findings across the Network and sharing service development. Members will also have the opportunity to feedback their views on the review process and influence the future direction of the network.  Members will be the first to hear about the aggregated results from the peer-reviews. 

  • A national aggregated report allowing you to benchmark your service against other similar services. The report will also provide a helpful list of good practice and people to contact for advice on specific issues.

  • Regular newsletters updating members on developments within the Network and allowing services to contribute with articles about their own good practice.

  • Access to our email discussion group providing the opportunity to contact other experienced and knowledgeable forensic professionals from a range of disciplines.

  • Workshops held free of charge on key areas of challenge from across the Network.

  • Use information from your review in your trust’s quality accounts, as recommended by the National Quality Board.

  • Use the standards and review process to develop dialogue with commissioners and as a framework to monitor contracts and develop service level agreements.

  • Each member service will receive a certificate of participation awarded by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. This will confirm that staff are committed to on-going evaluation and quality improvement, striving to meet best practice standards.

"...we can learn from each is important to be open and honest about mistakes...we need to prevent a culture that keeps repeating mistakes"

"Planning for the review allows us to focus and look objectively at our service."

How the Network Helps Services

  • We involve and listen to the people on the frontline, including staff from all professional backgrounds, patients and their family and friends. At a local level, this means engaging people in a review of their own service and at a national level in how the Network develops.
  • We promote sharing of best practice as services are engaged with a network of peers, providing a forum for advice and information sharing.
  • We support professional development as members can sign up to receive Lead Reviewer training and are able to improve their professional practice.
  • We celebrate good practice and the achievements of staff as they are identified through the review process.
  • Our process helps to build dialogue with referrers, partner agencies and commissioners.
  • Learning and innovations arising from the process are often spread beyond the participating service to other services within the organisation.


"Day very good, highlighted good practice that could be shared."

" opportunity to critique, question a practice similar to mine in a supportive and positive way."

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The CCQI are currently evaluating the Low Secure Network. Read more about the work they are doing.

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Costs of Annual Subscription

Cost for Low Secure Services:  

1-4 Wards  £3,713  (+VAT) 
5 + wards  £4,850(+VAT)

Cost for secure services where Low Secure Services are on the same site as Medium Secure Services: 

1-4 Wards (total) 
£4,500 (+VAT)

5-12 Wards (total)
£5,800 (+VAT)

13+ Wards (total)
£6,800 (+VAT)