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About the Faculty of Eating Disorders


The Faculty of Eating Disorders brings together psychiatrists working across the age range in eating disorders, aiming to exchange information, improve services and training and advocate on behalf of patients and their families. Here you can find out who is on the Executive Committee and see the meeting schedule. You can also see the Faculty Newsletters to keep up with current Faculty activities.



Executive Committee




Faculty History

Executive Committee

Member Year of Joining Position
Dr Dasha Nicholls 2015 (E) Chair
Dr Agnes Ayton 2015 (E) Vice Chair
VACANT   Finance Officer
Dr Navjot Bedi 2015 (E) Committee Member
Dr Mark Berelowitz 2015 (E) Committee Member
Dr Andrea Brown 2015 (E) Committee Member
Dr Willian Jones 2015 (E) Committee Member
Dr Ashish Kumar 2015 (E) Committee Member
Dr Paul Robinson 2017 (E) Committee Member
Dr Sandeep Ranote 2015 (E) Committee Member
Dr Mima Simic 2015 (E) Committee Member
Dr Jane Whittaker 2015 (E) Committee Member
Dr Kiran Chitale 2017 (E) Committee Member
Dr Matthew Cahill 2017 (E) Committee Member
Dr Stephen Anderson 2017 (E) Committee Member
Dr Erica Cini 2017 (E) Committee Member
Dr John Roche 2017 (E) Committee Member
Dr Heather Mills 2017 (C) Representative for Northern Ireland
Dr Izabela Jurewicz 2013 (C) Representative for Wales
Mrs Veronica Kamerling 2015 (C) Carer Representative
Miss Jasmin Marchant 2017 (C) Service User Representative
Ms Virginia Turbett 2017 (C) Carer Representative
Dr Andrew Radford 2016 (C) Committee Member
Dr Sophie Tomlin 2015 (C) Committee Member
Dr Irene Yi 2015 (C) Committee Member
Dr Jane Morris 2015 (C) Committee Member


Schedule of Executive Committee meetings

  • Thursday 6 July 2017, STRATEGY DAY, 11am-4pm, 21 Prescot Street
  • Friday 20 October 2017, EXEC, 11am-2pm, 21 Prescot Street
  • Friday 3 November 2017, CONFERENCE, 21 Prescot Street

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If you need a copy of any previous newsletters not currently available on the website, please contact the College Archivist, Francis Maunze:

Our History


In 1990 a College Eating Disorders Working Group was set up to produce the College Council Report CR 14, on eating disorders services in the UK. This group led to the development of the Eating Disorders Special Interest Group (EDSIG). The Special Interest Group was inaugurated by the college in 1995, with Professor Gerald Russell as its first Chair. In 2006, the Council agreed that a new College Section in Eating Disorders should be established in place of the EDSIG. Hence the Eating Disorders Section came into being in June 2007. In 2014, all College Sections became Faculties. Hence we are now the Faculty of Eating Disorders.



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