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A Quality Network for Eating Disorders (QED) is being developed in association with the Royal College of Psychiatrists. The aim is for the Quality Network to start with an assurance framework and progress over time to an accreditation framework. A core standards working group has been established and work is progressing. Group members:

  • Tony Jaffa - Chair. Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
  • John Morgan - Co-Chair. Adult Psychiatrist 
  • Sally Savage - Clinical Psychologist.
  • Peggy Treseder - Psychotherapist
  • Carole Theobald - Commissioner
  • Pippa Hugo - Psychiatrist
  • Susan Kelly - Nurse Therapist
  • Chris Freeman - Adult Psychiatrist
  • Susan Ringwood - Chief Executive of Beat
   Quality Assurance Network for Eating Disorders

Framework for Quality Network Standards & Criteria:

  1. The framework for quality standards and criteria will be structured around care pathways for people with eating disorders (rather than existing service structures) in order to maintain focus upon the patient experience. 
  2.  A statement of core values and principles will govern the framework, based upon the Worldwide Charter for Eating Disorders (developed by beat).
  3. A core set of standards will be developed that apply across all levels/elements of services. For example, standards relating to confidentiality and equal access to services.
  4. Modules will be developed for specific elements of the care pathway (eg inpatient care, outpatient care, acute medical care) which will include module specific standards and criteria for both core and specific standards. Each module will address interfaces with other relevant modules (eg Inpatient module will need to address the interfaces with acute medical care, day patient care and outpatient care).


Standards to be used:

Standards will be derived from existing guidelines and standards for care including:


  1. CR87 update
  2. Worldwide charter for eating disorders
  3. AED standards
  4. NICE Guidance for ED, obesity, nutrition, borderline PD, etc...
  5. QNIC
  7. Standards for better health
  8. Perinatal and other relevant quality network standards
  9. Human Rights Act
  10. HCC standards
  11. AIMS standards
  12. TEN ESC (essential shared capability)
  13. QIS (Quality Improvement Scotland)
  14. Mental welfare commission
  15. MHA commission
  16. CR130 nutritional management of AN
  18. Verita: Report on the conduct of David Britten
  19. Osteoporosis guidance

How to get involved

A listserve has been established for the Quality Network for Eating Disorders (QED). All meeting attendees and members of the Eating Disorders Faculty of the Royal College of Psychiatrists are encouraged to recruit colleagues of all disciplines, and interested service users to join the listserve. Email Paul Robinson to join the listserve.

The further development of QED will be conducted via the listserve, so it is vital that collectively we recruit as many participants as possible to ensure a broad based constituency for the network.

Specific modules can be proposed via the listserve.

First priorities for the steering group:

1. Securing funding for development work.

2. Facilitating establishment of working groups for development of Core Standards.



Services will be recruited to join the Quality Network for Eating Disorders (QED) once Core Standards and initial Module Standards and Criteria have been established. From this point, the Network will become self funded through fees paid by member services.


Time Line
  • May 2009 - Steering Group membership established.
  • July 2009 - Core Standards Group established.
  • Priority Module - Working Groups established (these groups can work on specific standards whilst waiting for first draft of core standards).
  • November -2009 Reference group established.
  • December 2009 - First draft of Core Standards completed.


Presentation from the first meeting 1.  Susan Ringwood presentation

2Dasha Nicholls 


AED recomendations for standards



More information

  • In-patient and out-patient group will begin work soon
  • First reviews will take place in 2010/11
  • Initial funding to support the work has been obtained from the Department of Health

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