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Faculty of Neuropsychiatry: Executive Committee and Members

Neuropsychiatry executive committee and members

Executive Committee members


Executive meetings, business meetings, agendas and minutes

Member Year of joining Position
Dr Rafey Faruqui 2012 (E) Chair
Dr Monica Mohan 2014 (E) Financial Officer
Dr Niruj Agrawal 2014 (C) Committee Member
Dr Jonathan Bird 2013 (C) Committee Member
Dr Mayurkumar Bodani 2014 (E) Vice Chair
Dr Alan Carson 2008 (C) Scottish Division
Prof. Andrea Cavanna 2012 (C) Committee Member
Dr Elvina Chu 2012 (E) Committee Member
Prof. Saumitra Deb 2014 (O) Observer
Dr Michael Dilley 2014 (C) Committee Member
Dr George El-Nimr 2012 (E) Academic Secretary
Dr Kevin Foy 2014 (E) Committee Member
Dr Muhammad Gul 2014 (E) Committee Member
Mrs Shelly Harper 2011 (C) User/Carer Representative
Prof. Eileen Joyce 2014 (E) Committee Member
Dr Czarina Kirk 2014 (E) Committee Member
Prof. Michael Kopelman 2012 (C) Committee Member
Prof. David Linden 2014 (EX) Welsh Division
Dr Nicholas Medford 2014 (E) Committee Member
Dr Hetal Mehta 2012 (E) Committee Member
Dr Basavaraja Papanna 2014 (E) Committee Member
Dr Ashish Pathak 2013 (C) PTC Rep
Dr Norman Poole 2014 (E) Committee Member
Prof. Hugh Rickards 2014 (C) Committee Member
Dr Peter Trimble 2014 (C) Northern Ireland Representative
Prof. Malcolm Weller 2012 (E) Committee Member
Prof. Kenneth Wilson 2012 (C) Committee Member
Prof. Peter Woodruff 2014 (C) Academic Psychiatry Faculty

Business meeting minutes

Should you require a copy of any previous minutes not currently available on the website, please contact Francis Maunze: – the College Archivist.



Trainee Award

The Faculty of Neuropsychiatry has established an annual award for trainees. This award is given for the best original research, audit, literature review or clinically focused essay in the field of neuropsychiatry. More details available here.


Past winners

2015: Dr Eric Kelleher

2014: Dr Maurice Clancy

2013: Dr Akshay Nair

2012: Dr Annie Swanepoel

2011: Dr Jeremy Rampling


Poster Prize

Details will be advertised with the Call for Papers for the September Residential Conference each year.


Past winners

2015: Dr Roxanne Keynejad

2014: Dr Basavaraja Papanna

2013: Dr Nicholas Meyer

2012: Dr Maria Carballedo, Dr Rory Conn, Dr Christopher Symeon


Submissions to:

Vice-Chair, Section of Neuropsychiatry, The Royal College of Psychiatrists, c/o Committee Manager.

Deadline: 30 June each year




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Latest news


  • 2016 Faculty elections

    Following the recent elections, the following have been duly elected to the Neuropsychiatry Faculty executive committee, to take office from 28 June 2016:


    Prof. Eileen Joyce

    Executive Committee

    Dr. Hesham Elnazer
    Dr. Suresh Komati
    Dr. Tim Nicholson
    Dr. Jasvinder Singh
    Dr. Baskaran Sridharan

  • NEWSLETTER: Neuropsychiatry Spring 2016
  • Neuropsychiatry reading list



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