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The Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry Executive Committee

 The Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry Executive Committee

About us

The Forensic Executive Committee is the College representative body for the Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry. The Executive committee consists of a Chair, a Vice Chair a Financial Officer and 12 elected members.

Elected Members serve a four year term of office. Members are also co-opted on to the committee to complete a piece of work or represent an area of interest such as Forensic trainees, the independent sector, specialty doctors, service users and carers and the national jurisdictions.Regional Representatives are invited to attend Executive Committee meetings. The Chairman represents the Faculty on the College Council. Elections take place on a two year cycle.

 * Executive Committee list

 * Committee member duties

 * Meetings


Meetings of the Forensic Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets quarterly. Meetings are held in London at the Royal College of Psychiatrists except for the first meeting of each year which is held with the Faculty Annual Residential Meeting.  

For further information please contact: Stella Galea, Committee Manager


Committee members duties

As a minimum, Committee members are expected to:

  • Attend all Executive Committee meetings unless there are exceptional circumstances (or annual leave).
  • Read and comment on papers tabled for meetings.
  • Join working groups from time to time including taking lead roles.
  • Inform the chair if unable to fulfil the elected role that has been bestowed on them by forensic faculty members.

Full job descriptions of of Committee members (Chair, Vice Chair, Financial Officer and elected member) can be viewed here.



Executive Committee list

Name Year of joining Position
Prof Pamela Taylor 2016 (E) Chair
Dr Amanda Taylor 2016 (E) Vice Chair
Dr Tom Clark 2014 (E) Financial Officer
Mr Alain Aldridge 2017 (C) Committee member
Dr Sophia Anwar 2014 (E) Committee member
Dr John Baird 2014 (E) Committee member
Dr Vivek Bisht 2016 (E) Committee member
Dr Harm Boer 2015 (C) Committee member
Dr Bernard Chin 2016 (C) Committee member
Dr Steffan Davies 2017 (C) Committee member
Ms Fiona Edgar 2017 (C) Committee member
Dr Adrian East 2016 (C) Committee member
Prof Nigel Eastman 2008 (C) Committee member
Dr Gareth Garrett 2016 (C) Committee member
Dr Paul Gilluley 2010 (C) Committee member
Dr Quazi Haque 2013 (C) Committee member
Mrs Moira Harper 2017 (C) Committee member
Dr Philip Huckle 2017 (C) Committee member
Dr Atif Mahmud 2017 (C) Committee member
Dr Sandeep Mathews 2016 (E) Committee member
Dr Tim McInerney 2016 (E) Committee member
Dr Ronan McIvor 2016 (E) Committee member
Dr Elizabeth Masterson 2017 (C) Committee member
Dr Paula Murphy 2016 (C) Committee member
Dr Richard Noon 2014 (E) Committee member
Dr Aideen O'Halloran 2016 (C) Committee member
Dr Pradeep Pasupuleti 2017 (C) Committee member
Prof Jennifer Shaw 2014 (C) Committee member
Dr Ed Silva 2012 (C) Committee member
Dr Shubulade Smith 2014 (C) Committee member
Dr Huw Stone 2017 (C) Committee member
Dr Richard Taylor 2014 (E) Committee member
Dr Oliver White 2015 (C) Committee member
Dr Jessica Yakeley 2017 (E) Committee member


  • Service users and Carers are represented on the Executive Committee.

  • Regional Representatives are invited to attend Executive Committee meetings.


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Unfortunately College staff are unable to assist with queries about this conference.  Please use the email address above.


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