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The Royal College of Psychiatrists Improving the lives of people with mental illness

Executive Committee Members and Regional Representatives

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Regional representatives


The Chair's message - Dr Paul Rowlands

 Dr Paul RowlandsWelcome to the web section of the Faculty of General Adult Psychiatry. General Adult Psychiatrists make up 40% of the psychiatrists working in the UK and the Faculty of General Adult Psychiatry is the route by which our views are represented in the College and beyond. Our numbers and our workloads mean that we are the backbone of Psychiatry in the services in which we work and it is therefore important that this perspective is represented through the structures of the College and more widely.


Clinical networks

The Faculty needs an engaged and vocal membership and these pages are intended to provide an understanding of the College structures and how we relate to them. The Faculty has a number of Clinical Networks broadly organised around areas of interest:


It is easy to join these – just email our Faculty manager Lauren Wright at and begin to join in the conversations. The Faculty is led by an Executive Committee which consists of elected and co-opted members.


Discussion points

Faculty is committed to the delivery of comprehensive, high quality secondary care mental health services and sees the role of well trained and well supported psychiatrists as central to this goal.


By promoting the importance of our every day work, the Faculty seeks to support all its members as they continue to show great commitment to their patients, their patients’ families and the communities in which they work even during times of financial pressure and constraint.  General Adult Psychiatrists are skilled in the management of complexity and risk and these skills are of immense benefit to the people who we see and the organisations and communities in which we work. As a Faculty we need to understand the challenges we all face as well as the successes we achieve. All members of the Faculty are part of this and the Faculty wants to continue to support our members vigorously in the work they do.


Issues for the next year include:


  • Continuing to promote the concept of parity of esteem for mental health
  • Promoting the importance of compassion as the central value for our work
  • Promoting the importance of addressing the physical health of our patients
  • Enabling effective engagement with commissioners
  • Contributing to developing ideas around the future of training (Shape of Training)
  • Contributing to the search for solutions to the challenges facing Acute Care.


The Clinical Networks provide a forum to discuss many of these issues and the Faculty welcomes a broad discussion around each one of them – what works well, how things have changed for the better as well as the difficulties that services face at times. All of us at every level can lead and the Faculty exists to encourage us all to see that we can do this.



Regional representatives





Dr Cyrus Abbasian


London South West

Dr Yennunanda Vishnu Gopal


Dr Stephen Dye


Dr Alan Stuart McNaught

London - North East and Central

Dr Chris Mortimore

South West

Dr Sophie Johnson

South Eastern (Oxford)

Dr Vijaya Murali

West MIdlands

Dr Shahid Quraishi

North West

Dr Alastair Noel Palin

North Scotland

Dr Bapu Venkatesh Rao Ravindranath


Dr Jonathan Scott

London - North West

Currently recruiting

South Eastern

Dr Neeraj Berry

North East

Dr Claire Flannigan


Dr Sajid Suleman

London - South East

Dr Ciaran Mulholland

Northern Ireland

Dr Ashling O'Hare

Northern Ireland

Dr Reinout Vieweg South Eastern (Wessex)
Currently recruiting South Eastern (KSS)
Dr Sunil Joseph Wales
Dr Johan Leuvennink West Scotland
Dr Moyra Guthrie East Scotland
Currently recruiting South East Scotland

Executive committee


Member Year of joining Position
Dr Paul Rowlands 2014 (C) Chair
Dr Peter Cornwall 2011 (E) Financial Officer
Dr Marios Adamou 2014 (C) Vice Chair
Dr Safi Afghan 2013 (C) Co-opted Member
Dr Asif Bachlani 2013 (E) Elected Member
Dr Steven Birrell 2014 (C) SpR Representative
Dr Fiona Blake 2013 (C) Co-opted Member
Dr William Boland 2013 (E) Elected Member
Dr Ian Collis 2011 (C) Co-opted Member
Dr Anna Cosslett 2013 (A) Affiliate Representative
Dr Helen Crimlisk 2011 (E) Elected Member
Dr Subodh Dave 2011 (C) Co-opted Member
Dr Steffan Davies 2011 (C) Co-opted Member
Dr Savithasri Eranti 2013 (E) Elected Member
Dr Jan Falkowski 2011 (E) Elected Member
Prof. Linda Gask 2007 (C) Co-opted Member
Dr David Geaney 2011 (E) Elected Member
Prof. Reinhard Heun 2013 (E) Elected Member
Dr Anna Higgitt 1998 (O) Department of Health Observer (or DoH Observer)
Prof. Peter Jones 2012 (C) Co-opted Member
Dr Catherine Lockwood 2013 (C) Co-opted Member
Dr Andrea Malizia 2013 (E) Elected Member
Mr Alan Meudell 2009 (C) User/Carer Representative
Dr Vijaya Murali 2011 (E) Elected Member
Dr Catherine Murphy 2013 (C) PTC Rep
Dr Faisil Sethi 2013 (E) Elected Member
Dr Michael Srinivasan 2013 (E) Elected Member
Dr Alison Summers 2013 (C) Co-opted Member
Dr Stuart Watson 2013 (C) Academic Secretary
Dr Rashid Zaman 2013 (C) Co-opted Member

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