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About us - Faculty of Liaison Psychiatry

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The Liaison Psychiatry Poster Prize will be advertised with the residential meeting call for papers each year.


How to join

Anyone wishing to join the Faculty of Liaison Psychiatry should contact the Membership Office.


Contact us

Email the Liaison Psychiatry Committee Manager Stephanie Whitehead


About the Liaison Faculty

Until the 1970s, specific liaison psychiatry services were virtually unknown in Britain. A
small number of specialised consultant posts were then established but there was no officially recognised body to represent liaison psychiatry.

Informal discussions between
interested clinicians took place in the early 1980s and a consensus emerged that liaison psychiatry would be best served by establishing a group within the College.

A preliminary meeting was held during the College quarterly meeting in Oxford in 1983 followed by a further meeting during the AGM in Edinburgh in 1984. The College then agreed to recognise Liaison Psychiatry as a special interest group and it became a Faculty in 1997.

Liaison Psychiatry is a GMC recognised subspecialty of General Psychiatry.

The Liaison Psychiatry Executive Committee is the College representative body for the Faculty. The Executive Committee consists of a Chair, a Vice Chair a Financial Officer and 12 elected members.

Elected Members serve a four year term of office. Members are also co-opted on to the committee to complete a piece of work or represent an area of interest such as trainees, service users and carers and the national jurisdictions. The Chairman represents the Faculty on the College Council. Elections take place on a two year cycle and eligible College members will receive invitations to submit nominations and vote.

The Executive Committee meets regularly and holds an annual strategy day. The committee contributes to all aspects of College work relevant to the specialty including training, policy and public engagement.

Members have also established links with other Royal Colleges and Faculties and have contributed to cross-specialty work. The Executive holds a residential meeting annually.



List of Executive


Member Year of joining Position
Dr Jim Bolton 2017 (E) Chair
Dr Annabel Price 2017 (E) Vice Chair
Dr Laurine Hanna 2015 (E) Financial Officer
Dr Hosakere Aditya 2015 (C) Committee member
Dr Peter Aitken 2017 (C) Committee member
Dr Muhammad Asghar 2017 (C) Committee member
Dr Elena Baker-Glenn 2015 (C) Committee member
Dr Philippa Bolton 2017 (E) Committee member
Dr Sarah Brown 2017 (E) Committee member
Dr Sarah Burlinson 2015 (E) Committee member
Dr Janet Butler 2017 (C) Committee member
Dr Peter Byrne 2017 (C) Committee member
Ms Katherine Chartres 2014 (C) Committee member
Dr Sarah Eales 2014 (C) Committee member
Dr Adrian Flynn 2015 (C) Committee member
Prof Elspeth Guthrie 2009 (C) Committee member
Dr Mahnaz Hashmi 2017 (E) Committee member
Dr Christopher Hilton 2014 (C) Committee member
Prof Allan House 2014 (C) Committee member
Prof Khalida Ismail 2012 (C) Committee member
Prof Eileen Joyce 2015 (C) Committee member
Dr Will Lee 2017 (C) Committee member
Dr Marc Mandell 2015 (E) Committee member
Dr Aaron McMeekin 2015 (E) Committee member
Dr Joanne Minay 2012 (C) Committee member
Dr Stella Morris 2017 (E) Committee member
Dr Ross Overshott 2017 (E) Committee member
Dr Thirza Pieters 2015 (C) Committee member
Dr Stephen Potts 2015 (C) Committee member
Dr Muffazal Rawala 2017 (E) Committee member
Dr Nikki Scheiner 2014 (C) Committee member
Dr Chris Schofield 2015 (C) Committee member
Dr Abhijeeth Shetty 2016 (C) Committee member
Dr Ankush Singhal 2015 (C) Committee member
Dr Sridevi Sira Mahalingappa 2014 (C) Committee member
Dr Luke Solomons 2015 (E) Committee member
Dr Geraldine Swift 2017 (C) Committee member
Dr Alex Thomson 2017 (E) Committee member
Dr Peter Trigwell 2017 (C) Committee member
Dr Nora Turjanski 2015 (C) Committee member
Dr Edwina Williams 2011 (C) Committee member
Ms Nicola Wilson 2012 (C) Committee member
Dr Joanna Woodger 2017 (E) Committee member
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Latest News


Trainees, New Consultants, Nurses and Other Allied Health Professionals (TNC-NAHP) 16th annual meeting.

Bridging the Gap

23, 24 November 2017, Cambridge

Note: Unfortunately College staff are unable to help with queries about this event, please contact for further information about the event.

Faculty Report

Framework for routine outcome measurement in Liaison Psychiatry



We would like to invite submissions for the next edition of the newsletter.  Submissions should be on matters relevant to liaison psychiatry including reports on service development, education, training, audits, conferences and events. Articles should be no more than 1-2 pages long. Please include your name, title, place of work, picture of the main author and contact details. If you would like to contribute to our next edition please e-mail using Liaison Faculty Newsletter Winter Edition 2017 as the subject title.  Last date for submission is 15 December  2017.


JISC Update: 

The RCPsych Paediatric Liaison Network

The RCPsych Paediatric Liaison Network is an international group of child and adolescent psychiatrists who work with paediatric staff. We discuss clinical and non-clinical issues, particularly policy and the promotion of mental health in paediatric practice. We meet in conferences in various UK locations twice a year.  If you are interested in joining, contact the group c/o Stella Galea, Committee Manager.

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If you would like to contribute anything to this section, please send us material which you would like to share with others. 

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