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The Royal College of Psychiatrists Improving the lives of people with mental illness

About us - Faculty of Medical Psychotherapy


  • a dandelion - Faculty of Medical PsychotherapyTo advance both within and without the college all modalities of psychotherapy (cognitive behavioural, psychodynamic and systemic) as an integral part of psychiatry.
  • To improve public knowledge of psychotherapy in the treatment of mental illness.
  • To increase theoretical and clinical knowledge of psychotherapy in the training of psychiatrists.
  • To promote research in psychotherapy.

The psychotherapy faculty advances these aims by:

  • Fostering the establishment of Consultant Medical Psychotherapy posts, and development of psychotherapy departments in all Mental Health units.
  • Ensuring representatives are on appropriate committees in the College.
  • Having an active psychotherapy training committee developing and monitoring standards of psychotherapy training.
  • Responding to documents of relevance to psychotherapy, for example from the Department of Health.
  • Working with other organisations involved in the development of psychological treatments such as the British Psychological Society and the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies.
  • Arranging annual conferences on topics of interest.



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Executive Committee


The work of the Faculty is led by the Executive Committee. The committee includes 12 members elected by College membership including the chair, the vice-chair and financial officer. Elections are run by the Electoral Reform Society and only members of the College may vote or hold office. A number of members are co-opted to the Executive Committee; these include representatives from national jurisdictions, trainees and experts by experience. The roles of Academic Secretary, Public Education Officer, Newsletter Editor and Website Editor are held by both elected and co-opted members. The Executive Committee meets four times a year and holds Residential/Academic meetings and formal business meetings for all members.



Member Year of joining Position
Dr Sue Mizen 2014 Chair
Dr Janice Birtle 2012 Vice Chair
Dr Mark Morris 2012 Financial Officer
Dr David Bell 2013 Psychiatric Trainee Committee representative
Dr Gordon Barclay 2014 Elected committee member
Dr Simon Cave  2015  Co-opted committee member
Dr Clare Cribb 2014 Representative for RCPsych in Wales
Prof Michael Fitzgerald 2015 Co-opted committee member
Dr Tiago Gandra 2015 Co-opted committee member
Miss Helen Gill 2012 Co-opted committee member
Dr Nora Gribbin 2011 Co-opted committee member
Ms Celeste Ingram 2012 Co-opted committee member
Dr Mark Evans 2013 Elected committee member. Academic lead
Dr Maria Eyres 2014 Elected committee member
Dr Harriet Fletcher 2014 Elected committee member
Dr Simon Heyland 2013 Co-opted committee member
Dr William Burbridge-James 2015 Faculty Education and Curriculum Committee lead
Dr Janet Corry 2015 Representative for RC Psych in Northern Ireland
Dr Jo O'Reilly 2012 Elected committee member
Dr Jon Patrick 2012 Elected committee member
Dr Padakkar Saju 2012 Elected committee member
Ms Angela Slater 2015 Co-opted committee member
Dr Joanne Stubley 2012 Elected committee member
Dr Alison Summers 2012 Elected committee member
Dr Svetlin Vrabtchev 2013 Co-opted committee member
Dr Andrea Williams 2012 Representative for RC Psych in Scotland
Dr Jessica Yakeley 2012 Elected committee member

Dr Sue Stuart-Smith

2014 Co-opted committee member
Mrs Rosemary Wilson 2015 Co-opted committee member
Dr Sophie Atwood 2014 Co-opted committee member
Dr Laura Allison 2015 Co-opted committee member



Faculty Education & Curriculum Committee (FECC)


The Faculty Education and Curriculum Committee  provides specialist input to the Dean on all aspects of postgraduate medical education, including the development of curricula, relevant assessment schedules, and contribution to quality assurance.  



FECC Members
Dr William Burbridge - James(Chair) 2015
Dr Gwen Adshead 2012
Dr Drahomira Allen 2012
Dr Mark  Evans 2010
Miss Helen Gill 2010
Dr Anuradha Menon 2012
Dr Siobhan Murphy 2011
Dr Josephine O'Reilly 2012
Dr Matteo Pizzo 2013
Dr Padakkara Saju 2008
Dr Catherine Smith 2009
Dr Joanne Stubley 2012
Dr Barbara Wood 2012
Dr Jessica Yakeley 2012
Dr Lawrence Martean 2012


*Should you require a copy of any previous newsletters not currently available on the website, please contact Francis Maunze – the College Archivist.

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IC 2016

News and events

Faculty elections

Call for nominations for role of Vice Chair, Financial Officer, Executive Committee members.  Nominations to be received by 11 January 2016


Faculty of Medical Psychotherapy annual conference 2016

13-15 April 2016, Weetwood Hall, Leeds


Medical Psychotherapy Trainees and Trainers Conference

Friday 15 January 2016, Royal College of Psychiatrists
More information to follow


Thinking Cradle to Grave: Developing Psychotherapeutic Psychiatry - Updated July 2015


ARTICLE: Psychoanalytic ideas and their place in psychiatry training in the UK and live Twitter chat - The Lancet, August 2014


ARTICLE: Psychiatry, subjectivity and emotion - deepening the medical model - The Psychiatric Bulletin June 2014


NEWS: Opportunity for Service Users and Carers to get involved in the work of the Faculty.


NEWS: British Psychoanalytic Council

The BPC now offers accreditation to medical practitioners. Email 



RCPsych courses: CBT in Practice Series

NEWSLETTER: Spring Summer 2015

Join us 

Any member of the College is eligible to join the Medical Psychotherapy Faculty. Please contact the College Membership Section.