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The Royal College of Psychiatrists Improving the lives of people with mental illness

Old Age Psychiatry Faculty and Executive Committee

Old Age Psychiatry Faculty  

The Faculty

The Old Age Faculty represents a relatively new specialty and is a dynamic group within the College. Members meet two times a year for educational and developmental purposes. There is an additional, well attended, residential meeting every year.



The Faculty Executive

Much of the day-to-day business of the Faculty is carried out by an Executive Committee of representatives and directly elected officers. 

The Faculty takes primary responsibility within the College for formulating policies on psychiatric services to older people and giving advice to other bodies (including the Department of Health) on matters pertaining to the mental health of older people.

It has an important role in supporting its members through a rich educational programme and by providing personal support and expert advice if members are under particular pressure in their local services.

It also contributes fully to the College’s other activities in maintaining training standards, research, public education and other areas.


Member Year of joining Position
Dr James Warner 2012 (E) Chair
Dr Rory O'Shea 2014 (E) Financial Officer
Dr Pradeep Arya 2011 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Victor Aziz 2013 (C) Welsh Division
Dr Alexander Bailey 2014 (E) Committee Member
Dr Velagapudi Bapuji Rao 2013 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Tim Beanland 2013 (C) Alzheimer's Society
Dr Deirdre Bonner 2013 (C) Affiliate Representative
Dr Ann Boyle 2014 (C) Committee Member
Dr Martin Brown 2010 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Debbie Browne 2013 (C) SpR Representative
Dr Noel Collins 2012 (E) Committee Member
Dr Peter Connelly 2013 (C) Immediate Past Chair
Dr Sandra Evans 2014 (C) Acting Vice-Chair
Mr Tom Gentry 2013 (C) Age UK
Dr Nori Graham 2012 (C) Committee Member
Dr Jude Harrison 2014 (C) PTC Rep
Dr Daniel Harwood 2012 (E) Committee Member
Dr Claire Hilton 2012 (E) Committee Member
Dr John Holmes 2014 (C) Academic Secretary
Prof. Steve Iliffe 2012 (C) Committee Member
Dr Arun Jha 2014 (E) Committee Member
Dr Suzanne Joels 2010 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Brid Kerrigan 2012 (C) Northern Ireland Representative
Dr Farooq Khan 2015 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Sheena MacKenzie 2010 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Mangesh Marudkar 2014 (E) Committee Member
Dr Helen McCormack 2014 (E) Committee Member
Dr Seamus McNulty 2014 (C) Scottish Division
Dr Sujoy Mukherjee 2014 (E) Committee Member
Dr Wendy Neil 2012 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Pratibha Nirodi 2015 (RRO) Regional Representative
Mr Keith Oliver 2014 (C) User/Carer Representative
Dr Stephen Orleans Foli 2013 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Julia Payne 2015 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Anandamandiram Ramakrishnan 2012 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Gianetta Rands 2012 (E) Committee Member
Dr Mani Santhanakrishnan 2012 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Deirdre Shields 2010 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Velusamy Sivakumar 2014 (E) Committee Member
Dr Fiona Stormont 2011 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Hari Subramaniam 2012 (E) Committee Member
Prof. George Tadros 2014 (C) Committee Member
Dr Amanda Thompsell 2014 (E) Committee Member
Dr Shanker Waghray 2010 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Michael Walker 2014 (RRO) Regional Representative


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Business meeting minutes


Should you require a copy of any previous business meeting minutes not currently available on the website, please contact Francis Maunze – the College Archivist.

How to join

If you are a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists working or training in Old Age Psychiatry, you can join the Faculty by calling +44 (0)20 7235 2351, ext. 102 or by email

Members section

Contact us

You can contact the faculty by emailing Kitti Kottasz, Committee Manager.