Proxy voting for our 2021 Annual General Meeting

If you're not able to attend our Annual General Meeting on 23 June 2021, you can appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf.

To do this, please complete this form and submit it by 5pm on Friday 18 June 2021. You can appoint the Chair of the meeting to be your proxy, or appoint another member who will be in attendance.

The person you ask to vote on your behalf must be:

  • eligible to attend the AGM and to vote in their own right
  • aware that you have asked them to vote on your behalf (unless you are appointing the Chair, who will be informed accordingly).

Please note: anyone who does not submit their form by the deadline will not be eligible for a proxy vote.

How would you like your vote to be cast?

If you would like to appoint another member as your proxy, please provide their name and membership number below.

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