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Dr Ross Runciman

Dr Ross Runciman

Chair, Psychiatric Trainees Committee

Dr Ross Runciman is the current Chair of the Psychiatric Trainees’ Committee (PTC). The PTC is a committee of trainee representatives from across the UK and is elected by local trainees in each division. He has been a member of the PTC since 2017, being elected Vice-Chair in 2018 and Chair in September 2019.

Dr Runciman graduated from Sheffield University in 2012 undertaking the foundation programme in Sheffield and Rotherham before moving to Gloucestershire for Core Psychiatry Training. After attaining MRCPsych in 2017, he began dual training in General Adult and Old Age Psychiatry in August 2018.

Alongside clinical training Dr Runciman is passionate about clinical leadership and quality improvement. He is on the inaugural RCPsych Leadership and Management Fellow Scheme and chairs the Quality Improvement Inspiring & Driving Group (QIIDG) in his local trust.

Outside of work Ross’ time is spent being walked by his dogs, Benji and Bowie in the Cotswolds.

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