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Dr Russell Razzaque

Dr Russell Razzaque

Elected member of Council

Dr Russell Razzaque earned his medical degree from the University of London in 1996 and later completed a diploma in psychotherapy. He currently practises as an NHS Consultant Psychiatrist in East London and is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at UCL.   

Dr Razzaque is a published author in human psychology, as well as a regular contributor to several popular national and international publications including Psychology Today, The Guardian and The Independent. He provides psychological opinion for broadcast including the BBC and Sky News.

He occasionally provides strategic and policy advice to the Ministry of Justice, the Home Office, the Metropolitan Police and the UK Prison Service. He also regularly acts as an expert witness for both Magistrates’ and Crown Courts.

Dr Razzaque’s particular professional interest is in mindfulness and he has been practising and studying it for over ten years.

Additionally, he is involved in teaching and researching innovative forms of more mindful mental health care and has written a book exploring consciousness and the link between spiritual awakening and mental health difficulties.

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