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Professor Hugo Critchley

Professor Hugo Critchley

Chair, Academic Faculty

Professor Hugo Critchley has been Professor of Psychiatry at Brighton and Sussex Medical School since 2006.

He graduated in Medicine from University of Liverpool, completed a DPhil in Psychological Studies at Oxford University and trained in Psychiatry at KCL Institute of Psychiatry and UCL Institute of Neurology.

He is a Consultant Neuropsychiatrist working in services for adults with neurodevelopmental conditions at Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

His research interests focus on bidirectional brain-body mechanisms underlying expression of trans-diagnostic affective, cognitive and behavioural symptoms. He co-directs a Centre for Consciousness Science at Sussex. His work, supported by research council and charitable grants, uses neuroimaging, autonomic psychophysiology and cognitive neuroscience to identify fresh treatment targets and develop novel interventions for common psychological symptoms.

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