Psychiatric Trainees Committee (PTC) elections

Find out the results of recent elections for the Psychiatric Trainees Committee.

Elected candidates begin their terms of office at the College's AGM in the summer.

PTC election results

Elected without ballot

Dr Suraya Fadzil - PMPT Representative for Scotland North

Dr Alexandra Hughes - PMPT Representative for Scotland South East

Dr Louise Tayler-Grint - Member Representative for Scotland East

Elected without ballot

Dr Muhammad Ismail Memon - Member Representative

Dr Nehad Seddiq - PMPT Representative

Dr Laura Thorn - Member Representative

Elected by ballot:

Candidates standing for election:

Dr Suraju Adeyemo (Member)

Dr Gemma Buston (Member)

Dr Sangbarta Chattopadhyay (PMPT)

Voter turnout: 23%

Full list of candidates: Dr Suraju Adeyemo (Member), Dr Samuel Brookfield (Member), Dr Gemma Buston (Member), Dr Sangbarta Chattopadhyay (PMPT), Dr Fiona Shaw (PMPT), Dr Oli Sparasci (Member)

Elected without ballot

Dr Tarun Deep Singh - PMPT Representative


Elected without ballot

Dr Emma McPhail - Member Representative


Elected without ballot

Dr Alina Braicu - Member Representative

Dr Kosisochukwu Ezemonye - PMPT Representative


Further questions

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