Psychiatric Trainees Committee (PTC) elections

Find out the results of the recent elections for the Psychiatric Trainees Committee which closed earlier this year including those elections which went to ballot in March-April.

Successful candidates will start their term of office at the College's AGM on 11 July 2023.

Psychiatric Trainees Committee election results

Elected without ballot

  • Dr Catherine Kerr - PMPT Representative 
  • Dr Christopher Walsh - Member Representative

Elected without ballot

  • Dr Fatma Ghoneim - PMPT Representative
  • Dr Tugba Kavasoglu - PMPT Representative
  • Dr Anto Varughese - Member Representative

Elected by ballot:

  • Dr Laith Alexander - PMPT Representative
  • Dr Henrietta Blyth - Member Representative
  • Dr Amanda Brickstock - PMPT Representative
  • Dr Joanna Cranshaw - Member Representative
  • Dr Rebecca Long - Member Representative
  • Dr Imrana Puttaroo - Member Representative

Full list of candidates: Dr Laith Alexander (PMPT), Dr Jilly Barry (PMPT), Dr Henrietta Blyth (Member), Dr Amanda Brickstock (PMPT), Dr Joon Cho (PMPT), Dr Joanna Cranshaw (Member), Dr Rebecca Long (Member), Dr Imrana Puttaroo (Member)

Voter turnout: 20.8%

Elected without ballot:

  • Dr Sean Treadwell - PMPT Representative

Elected by ballot:

  • Dr Emily Jackson - Member Representative
  • Dr Anisha Nakulan - Member Representative

Full list of candidates: Dr Sana Fatima, Dr Emily Jackson, Dr Anisha Nakulan, Dr James Richard O'Neill

Voter turnout: 24.4%

Elected without ballot

  • Dr Simon Corke - Member Representative
  • Dr Emily Rackley - Member Representative
  • Dr Ellena Sheldon - PMPT Representative

When will the next PTC elections open?

The next round of elections will be for PTC vacancies which start at the AGM in 2024. Nominations are likely to open in late 2023. The exact timetable will be available on this page once it has been agreed.

Further questions

If you have any other questions about elections that have not been answered here, please contact the elections team on

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