Professor Nandini Chakraborty

2020 candidate for Dean

CHAKRABORTY, Professor Nandini MD, FRCPsych, Consultant Psychiatrist in EIP, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust. Honorary Professor, University of Leicester, Dept. of Health Sciences.

My summary statement

Choose me if you want a Dean who:

  • champions compassionate patient care
  • is passionate about promoting phenomenological training, psychotherapy opportunities, non-discriminatory examinations and ARCP
  • has personally overcome challenges faced as a woman, IMG and flexible trainee
  • understands CCT and CESR pathways equally
  • has extensive experience working with College, GMC, Deaneries.

My supporting statement

Ddarllen y datganiad hwn yn Gymraeg

My journey began with an MD in psychiatry from the prestigious Central Institute of Psychiatry, India (1998). I started training in Scotland in 2003 (flexible trainee for a while), continued higher training in Leicester, finished with CESR (midway through ST5) in 2009.

Less than 11 years on, as a full-time early intervention in psychosis consultant - I am honorary Professor, University of Leicester; secretary of the international WHO Schedules for Clinical Assessment in Neuropsychiatry panel (and SCAN trainer), have done mhGAP training in Nigeria. I am Associate Dean for Equivalence in the College, external advisor, CASC examiner.

I sit on the quality assurance and international advisory committees. I am proud to be a member of the curriculum revision working group working on the new curricula which will underpin psychiatry training for years to come. I have held several local educator roles. 

My vision as Dean

  • Focus on phenomenology and complex holistic formulation with patient experience at the centre. I want our trainees to take pride in being compassionate clinicians, confident clinical leaders in multidisciplinary settings. Assessment in neurodevelopmental disorders across specialties and making neuropsychiatry relevant to phenomenology are my priorities.
  • Continuing to improve systems for nationally uniform ARCPS and appeals processes. As external advisor for the College since 2010, I have attended ARCPs and appeals in various regions. I have first-hand experience of differences that exist and understand the reasons behind them. Hard work has been done with the e-portfolio in making the process uniform, more can be done.
  • Bringing out the best potential in our trainees through flexible opportunities, adequate support and mentoring. The difficulties in attaining psychotherapy competencies have to be overcome. We need tailor made opportunities suited to an individual trainee’s strengths, inspiring out of programme opportunities beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. 
  • Exploring the reasons behind differential attainment in MRCPsych Examinations and making it a fair non-discriminatory process. I acknowledge the work that has already been done but there is room for improvement.
  • As Associate Dean for Equivalence, my CESR responsibilities have given me deep understanding of curricula and the training needs of doctors working towards CESR. I extensively delivered CESR training, authored guidance for Trusts (recently ratified and published by the College) and trained CESR evaluators. 
  • Supporting doctors who are SAS by choice with independent roles in education, research and clinical leadership.
  • To support consultants and supervisors, the work on credentialing needs to continue. I have supported doctors who have CCT in one specialty and aspire to have CESR in another.
  • Recruitment to retention- attracting the best of minds to psychiatry and valuing them, preventing burnout is the only way we can ensure the best patient care.

    Equality and Non-discrimination will permeate all I do.

    I understand deeply, the different routes to registration, both CCT and CESR from personal experience and working closely with the GMC. 

With the COVID pandemic raging on, impacting on patients, doctors and training programmes; I bring my local, national and international experience, and vision to lead the College confidently if elected Dean.