Professor Subodh Dave 

2020 candidate for Dean

DAVE, Professor Subodh FRCPsych MMed (Clinical Education);
Consultant Psychiatrist and Deputy Director of Undergraduate Medical Education, Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust;  Professor of Psychiatry, University of Bolton; Chair, Association of University Teachers of Psychiatry (AUTP);  Imm. Past Asso Dean, Trainee Support, Royal College of Psychiatrists. @subodhdave1 LinkedIn – Subodh Dave; RCPsych Trainer of the Year 2017

My summary statement

I will use my experience and values to develop a world-class training programme at the RCPsych; integrating neurosciences and social psychiatry.

I will ensure our trainees and trainers are valued; supported to develop and to provide high-quality person-centred care.

Please vote for me as the next Dean of our College.

My supporting statement

Ddarllen y datganiad hwn yn Gymraeg

I feel privileged to pursue the two things I love - Psychiatry and Medical Education. Growing up in a working-class Mumbai neighbourhood provided early lessons in social adversity but also in the power of community. My mother, a teacher herself, created aspiration through education.


On moving to the UK for further psychiatric training; deprivation and its impact on people’s mental and physical health struck me afresh, consolidating my values of social justice, equity and a humane, person-centred approach in psychiatric practice and training.

My molecular genetics research background complements my understanding of the evidence of the role of social determinants, namely adverse childhood experiences, poverty and gender/race inequalities, on physical and mental health outcomes.

Biopsychosocial formulations can become theoretical in an increasingly fragmented and process-driven system. This depersonalisation negatively impacts both patient care and workforce wellbeing, leading to rising stress, burnout and illness in staff. I believe that supportive training (and assessments) should address this actively.

My experience

  • My endeavour to humanise psychiatric training led to the development of the pioneering Expert Patient programme in 2007. It now boasts 45+ Expert-Patient Educators, has won awards and has been adopted in other centres. Co-authoring the RCPsych report on person-centred care in training has shaped the holistic care ethos of the new core and specialty curricula.
  • Doctors’ well-being should be an integral part of training and therefore, I founded the @Dr1in4 programme to enable doctors with lived-experience to share their personal narratives.
  • Inequity thwarts people’s potential. As Associate Dean and member of Equality/Diversity Advisory committees on BMA/GMC, I have guided national policy and developed nationally-acclaimed mentoring/Educator training programmes addressing differential outcomes in International Medical Graduates and UK BAME doctors.
  • I was honoured to be awarded the RCPsych Trainer of the Year (2017) and have had my educational expertise sought internationally (Zambia/Sri Lanka/India).

My priorities

  1. Developing a world-class curriculum underpinned by neurosciences and social sciences

    Psychiatric training and assessment need to integrate scientific advances to improve patient outcomes. Increased focus on public health/preventive approaches, patient-focused use of data/digital tools and embedding lived-experience will make our training and practice more rewarding for learners and patients.

  2. Thriving in Training- No Learner Left Behind

    Training must be personally meaningful and fulfilling for learners of all grades (core, higher, SAS, Consultants) and backgrounds (age/gender/nationhood/sexual orientation/flexible-working). Building on successful recruitment initiatives, we must tirelessly focus on retention, ensuring training is locally relevant in the four nations. Well-being initiatives should address practical concerns of staff with illness.

  3. Supporting/Valuing Trainers

    Being a trainer is both challenging and rewarding. I will ensure improved engagement with trainers through College/Division based networks for Directors of MedEd, Clinical/College/SAS Tutors and increased support to protect training time.

My leadership approach

As a marathon runner, I know leadership requires passion, purpose and persistence.  I have demonstrated these, plus courage and consensus-building skills, in delivering nationally impactful programmes enabling person-centred care and reducing inequalities.

I will be honoured if you vote for me as your Dean.