Dr Anand Ramakrishnan

2020 candidate for Treasurer

RAMAKRISHNAN, Dr Anand, BSc, MBBS, DPM, MMedSc, MSc, FRCPsych; Consultant Psychiatrist, Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust.

My summary statement

Chair, Trent Division; Was Finance officer – Faculty and Division.

Will strive to work with Officers to enhance member’s wellbeing and experiences, to improve finances by using “RCPsych” brand - raise profile and business prospects to maximise income.

Trainees to have better value and support for examinations. 

College Trustee.

My supporting statement

Ddarllen y datganiad hwn yn Gymraeg

Chair- Trent Division;  Member- Trustee Board, RCPsych; International Distinguished Fellow- American Psychiatric Association; Past Treasurer and President-British Indian Psychiatric Association; Secretary-UNESCO Chair in Bioethics UK Unit; Secretary- WPA Section; Secretary General-Indian Global Psychiatric Initiative. Visiting and Honorary Professor in 3 Indian Universities.

Treasurer must ensure that the College’s financial resources are spent prudently and responsibly. I have been with the College since 2003, as PTC rep, started Oldage SpR annual conference 2005; then held positions in Old age faculty- Academic secretary, Finance officer; Members’ representative in Council for 4 years; Finance officer, Vice Chair and Chair of Trent Division.  I am confident that I have the skills, commitment, time,  knowledge of finance and how the College works.  

I am passionate about Psychiatry and care about hard-working, compassionate, caring and often struggling psychiatrists in this Covid19 pandemic. We are all in unprecedented times, the College mostly acting as a virtual college, with no face to face meetings. In this time College finances are to be spent judiciously aiming at improving member’s wellbeing. Members face major problems of relative social and professional isolation, difficulty in getting study leave and diminishing study budgets. I believe the College has a moral and organisational responsibility to respond by being more relevant, provide services of better value and benefit for members at the clinical coalfaces across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and overseas.

As Treasurer, in addition to preserving the College financial position and working to improve cost efficiency, I would endeavour to:

  1. Work with the:

    a) President to improve and prioritise expenditure on members’ welfare.

    b) Registrar to improve the efficiency and costs of running committees and other elements in the College.

    c) Dean to ensure a fair value policy for examination fees and to improve existing support to trainees in coping with the online transformation of examinations.

    d) Chief Executive to improve the efficiency and reduce cost to run College administration.

    e) Editor to scrutinise publishing costs and expand revenue from increased subscription overseas.

    f) Director of CALC to reduce administration costs for the International Congress and other conferences to make it value for money, 

    g) Director of Research/CCQI to reduce the bureaucracy associated with accreditation and enhance its popularity.

  2. Encourage the formation of a business unit to contract and popularise expertise within the College based on the prestigious and influential “RCPsych” brand, to make it available to other organisations eg: other royal colleges; to generate income.
  3. Enhance sustainability by reducing carbon footprints and maximise investment of finances in sustainable, ethical and rewarding stocks and shares.
  4. To fulfil responsibilities of the College as a charity and as part of our International strategy, a fixed percentage of budget should be reserved to developing countries for improving their mental health services.

If elected, I will strive to enhance the College finances, the College profile, and membership experience as a member of the Senior Management Team and Finance Management Committee. My track record with College gives ample evidence that I can do it.