Professor Kam Bhui CBE

2019 Presidential candidates

My vision

To reinvigorate psychiatrists’ pride, courage, and collaborative leadership as experts who influence through knowledge.

A united College delivering standards and policy, and clear local patient, carer, workforce, and service priorities.

My video statement

My supporting statement 

Ddarllen y datganiad hwn yn Gymraeg

I will bring to the leadership of the College my diverse experiences of clinical care, policy development, training, teaching, research and leadership skills; I envision a progressive, inclusive College in which all members are valued, connected, skilled, and supported according to individual needs.

Under my leadership and irrespective of age, gender, caring responsibilities, members of the College will be able to exercise more influence to improve: i) local placed-based services for the benefit of patients and caregivers, and ii) national policy, standards and public perceptions of psychiatry.

My work tackles the social and structural determinants of mental illness (by age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, social class, socioeconomic status) and inequalities reflecting professional skills and experiences:

  • Over 30 years NHS experience in assertive outreach, community, homelessness, inpatient, outpatient, and psychotherapy services (as psychiatrist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist), understanding the needs of your patients
  • Work with co-morbidity, risk, and multiple disadvantaged people living in deprived inner city and rural areas, enhancing value to populations with complex needs
  • work constructively with governmental agencies responsible for NHS care, public health, Department of Health (policy research), regulation, training, and criminal justice, enabling a deep understanding of the many needs of our professional organization, developing an environment in which our profession is more influential
  • As public health lead I contributed to a number of position papers on Public Mental HealthTerrorism and Mental Healthand recently on Racism and Mental Health.
  • As College Editor, Chair Publications Management Board and Editor in Chief of BJPsych, I improved the quality and value of the publication to members, authors, and readers.
  • As Director of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA)UK collaborating centre I am improving global delivery training, practice and policy.

Other leadership roles:

  • I teach, examine, mentor and support trainees and students to succeed in psychiatry, enhancing the value of our specialty
  • I am Past President of Royal Society of Medicine-Psychiatry Section and The World Association of Cultural Psychiatry (WACP)
  • I pioneered teaching programmes on psychological therapies, creative arts, culture and inequalities, and public health.

What I will do 

Resource more local training for leadership, influence, and learning on scientific advances to reinvigorate pride, courage, and collaborative leadership skills of psychiatrists as influential knowledge experts in the NHS, Public Health and communities, locally and nationally.

Recognise your input into the College, and review resources and communications to ensure shared learning across devolved nations, divisions, faculties, and committees to be a united and more influential College, connecting diverse segments of the College.

Strengthen participation of speciality/associate and independent/locum doctors, trainees, medical students, and our incredible international faculty, by establishing better connected communications, training, scientific meetings, and professional development workshops.

Deliver on policy priorities for the next decade (legislation, early intervention, childhood and perinatal care, rehabilitation, addictions, long term care, psychological therapies, healthy ageing, and preventing premature mortality) to benefit your patients, their caregivers and communities enhancing your contributions in an optimal environment.