How the Registrar Elections run

This page contains everything you need to know about elections for the College's Registrar and how you can get involved. 

Am I eligible to vote?

All Members, Fellows and Specialist Associates are able to vote in Registrar elections.

When will voting take place?

Voting is now open. The voting period is from 23 March 2020 - 20 April 2020. We will announce the results on 21 April.

How do I vote?

If you are eligible to vote, you will automatically be included in the electorate. The email address that you have registered with us as your default will be given to the Civica Election Services (formerly Electoral Reform Services) who will send you an email with a link to the voting site.

Each link is unique so can’t be shared with others and the voting site can’t be found through a search engine. If you are having issues with your ballot email or you are eligible but have not received the email, please contact

What are the regulations around canvassing?

For information on how candidates can canvas, please see the College canvassing code for Honorary Officer elections (PDF).

If you have any concerns about canvassing, please contact

Previous Results


Candidates: Dr Jan Falkowski, Dr Adrian James

Dr Adrian James elected Registrar

Total number of votes cast: 3,297

Voter turnout: 24.9%


Candidates: Dr J S Bamrah, Dr Jed Boardman, Dr Ola Junaid, Dr Laurence Mynors-Wallis

Dr Laurence Mynors-Wallis elected Registrar

Total number of votes cast: 1,841

Voter turnout: 15.7%


Professor Sue Bailey elected Registrar unopposed.

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