Professor Mohammed Al-Uzri

2020 Registrar candidates

Consultant Psychiatrist and Associate Medical Director, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

Ddarllen y datganiad hwn yn Gymraeg

I am proud to belong to our professional body and will do my utmost to ensure all members of our College feel the same way. We can achieve this by making sure that the College remains relevant to its members and addresses their concerns.

As a front line clinician and Consultant Psychiatrist, I am acutely aware of the issues that psychiatrists face on a daily basis. The challenging role of the psychiatrist in integrated teams, shortage of workforce, ever-changing government policies, and evolving expectations of the general public towards mental health services, are just a few issues to name. As a membership organisation, the College needs to do more to support its members in dealing with these challenges.

My experience in senior leadership roles in the NHS, both in provider Trusts (as Clinical Director and currently as Associate Medical Director) and in Clinical Commissioning Groups (Governing Body member) has provided me with an excellent insight into how organisations work. This has shown me the importance of good leadership in creating a positive culture that delivers exemplary care for patients and supports its workforce. I want to make sure that our College provides a supportive culture for members through policies and governance that are fit for purpose.

It has been a privilege to hold a number of roles at the College since my time as a trainee. My current role as a specialist adviser provides me with great opportunities to work with national bodies such as the General Medical Council, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, Department of Health, and Health Education England as well as NHS Trusts to establish the Royal College of Psychiatrists Medical Training Initiative scheme.  The scheme is in its 6th year and growing in strength and popularity with both applicants and hosting Trusts as evidenced by recent evaluation and annual increase in recruitment. This re-enforced my views on the importance of using a collaborative approach in working with a wide range of stake holders to deliver strategic objectives.

One of the strengths of our College is being an inclusive professional body representing its diverse membership and applying these values inside and outside the College. Hence, my experience in working with patients, carers, and voluntary organisations to further strengthen the close collaboration we have developed over the years. I do not believe mental health has ever experienced such a high profile as we have now, and it is our responsibility to use all the communication and public campaigning we can to reduce the stigma of mental illness in society, improve the care for our patients and support our colleagues. If elected as Registrar of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, I will be engaging our membership to devise the best way to achieve these aims and use the experience and skills I gathered to promote our College at home and abroad.