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Dr Alison Thornton

Dr Alison Thornton

My interest in psychiatry developed during my 4th year placement in paediatrics, I found it really difficult to understand the negative attitudes towards patients with mental health problems. The placement highlighted the stigma that mental health still has amongst our health care professionals. After my paediatric placement, I organised a placement within a CAMHS inpatient unit, it gave me an insight into the impact that can be made early in life and drove me to pursue a career in psychiatry.

I applied for the Foundation Fellowship as I want to raise awareness of the range of sub-specialties available within psychiatry, by promoting events and arranging taster days for medical students and junior doctors. During my foundation training, I want to get involved with the education of medical students. The Foundation Fellowship role is a chance for me to explore my passion for psychiatry further, by utilising the opportunities such as mentorship and attending the international congress.

I prepared for the interview by reading some recent articles in BJPsych, with particular focus on my interest in CAMHS. I reviewed my application and contemplated my reasons for applying for the Foundation Fellowship role and the opportunities that come with it.

The mentorship aspect of this role is extremely exciting, it will allow me to gain invaluable experience and knowledge. With foundation training being extremely challenging, the Fellowship role will continue to motivate my drive to become a psychiatrist and enable me to meet and share ideas with others with an interest in mental health.

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