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Dr Amy Legister

Dr Amy Legister

Hello! I have been interested in the mind and as an extension from that, psychiatry, since before medical school. My fascination in psychiatry rose exponentially during medical school and I always tried to get involved in psychiatry activities such as conferences, summer schools and being a leader for my medical school’s psychiatry society. In my final year I undertook my elective at a psychiatric hospital in the Bahamas - I guess I just love to expose myself to psychiatry as it’s something I thoroughly enjoy learning about!

I was drawn to apply for the Fellowship as I wanted to continue with my engagement. I hope to continue being a representative and advocate for those with a mental illness who often suffer the most stigma in communities, just with extra support and backing from the College. Through this role I want to contribute towards fighting this stigma and improve awareness and understanding of mental health in general. As I have progressed through medical school I realised how much I enjoy teaching and educating others, particularly about mental health.

In my role as a Fellow I really hope to use the benefits to develop my portfolio so that I can aim to be the best psychiatrist I can be and provide exceptional care for my future patients. I’m excited to have a mentor and someone to be able to go to for advice/support during my foundation years. I’m also really looking forward to exposing myself to various College events and learning more about the various sub-specialties; I know this will keep me motivated during my foundation years.

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