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Dr Emma Rengasamy

Dr Emma Rengasamy

My first glimpse of psychiatry begun before I started medical school during my role as an intervention teacher. Whilst working with students with backgrounds of behavioural issues and learning disabilities, it was clear that a ‘one size fits all’ approach would not be successful in helping them progress. I enjoyed learning more about conditions such as autism and ADHD and how I could adapt the lessons to suit their needs. I saw this approach first hand when I shadowed a psychiatrist who specialised in social and communication disorders at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

This motivated me to organise related Student Selected Components (SSCs), become an active member of the Cardiff Psychiatry Society, and take part in psychiatry initiatives such as MedFest. All these experiences highlighted to me the importance of adaptability and communication in often challenging contexts.

The opportunity to work closely with a mentor particularly drew me to apply for the Fellowship and I saw the foundation programme as the perfect opportunity to achieve maximum benefit from this. It will undoubtedly be a time when I will be presented with important decisions, pathways and opportunities, thus having guidance from someone having gone through the process will be invaluable.

I am delighted to have been chosen as a Foundation Fellow and look forward to taking part in an initiative that gives access to so many different resources ranging from leadership modules and peer reviewed journals to a network of likeminded people. I would advise anyone who is keen to further explore psychiatry to apply!

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