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Dr Megan Sambrook Smith

Dr Megan Sambrook Smith

Throughout medical school I have always enjoyed being on the wards and talking to patients. I enjoyed the detective work of clinical medicine, the high energy and attention to detail required in surgery, the communication skills required of a GP and the compassion needed in paediatrics. Psychiatry provides a combination of all of these factors into one specialty.

Having completed an MSc in Global Mental Health, I have now developed a strong interest in perinatal mental health. Following my dissertation, I was invited to present my research at the International Perinatal Mental Health Conference in Bangalore. Recently, this systematic review has been accepted for publication in BMJ Open.

I first heard about the Foundation Fellowship opportunity at the RCPsych International Congress in 2018 whilst networking with current Fellows. They highlighted to me the benefits of this programme, such as mentorship and networking at other College events. At such an early stage in my own medical career, I am extremely grateful for this support and guidance. The chance to receive a bursary to attend conferences, and to meet like-minded colleagues also drew me to apply for this award.

As a Foundation Fellow, I feel that more needs to be done to integrate mental health training into non-psychiatry related fields to ensure a more holistic approach to patient care. I would consider doing this through engaging with heads of specialities and encouraging mental health training.

I truly believe that, as the first director of the WHO stated, “without mental health there can be no true physical health”.

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