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Dr Sam Young

Dr Sam Young

My interest in psychiatry probably stems from a year’s work experience on a psychiatric inpatient ward whilst at sixth form. My aim at the time was to get any sort of hospital experience, however looking back I feel fortunate to have had this in a psychiatric setting. 

My course at university allowed me to explore this interest further through student selected clinical placements within areas such as general adult, early intervention (EI), rehabilitation psychiatry and eating disorders. I have also undertaken research projects and audits on issues such as physical health in schizophrenia, ketamine as an antidepressant, childhood trauma and mental illness, EI services and predicting clozapine levels in patients.

The elective in my fourth year provided me with an opportunity to experience psychiatry services in a different part of the world. I was fortunate enough to be able to organise a placement at Orygen Youth Health in Melbourne, Australia, a world leading centre for EI and youth mental health. The experience gave me a fascinating insight into the role of the MDT in the care of these young people and allowed me to compare and contrast services in the UK and Australia.

I applied for the Fellowship because I felt that it represented a fantastic opportunity to develop my interest in psychiatry further. Being assigned a mentor as part of it will provide me with an invaluable contact whose experience can help guide me with regard to career queries and opportunities.

Ultimately, being a Foundation Fellow demonstrates a commitment to and interest in psychiatry. I look forward to making the most of the resources and opportunities provided and hope that it will provide me with a platform to pursue a career within psychiatry.

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