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Dr Tom Brice

My interest in psychiatry started before medical school when I worked as a care assistant in a dementia home. I was fascinated by working first-hand with people whose lives had completely changed due to their cognitive decline. Although there was little that could be done about their cognitive state, being able to improve their quality of life was incredibly rewarding.

This curiosity only grew once I started medical school. In particular, intercalating in Psychology and Medicine gave me a huge insight into the exciting future that psychiatry holds both clinically and in research. I followed my passion for psychiatry outside of my studies, having been an active member of Cardiff Nightline, a student-led listening service, including one year as president of the branch. I was also a member of the Cardiff Student Psychiatry Society and was part of the team who organised the 2019 National Student Psychiatry Conference.

I applied for the Fellowship to continue to be part of a community of like-minded junior doctors. The mentoring available on the Fellowship through my foundation years will be imperative in my professional development and preparing for training. As a Fellow, it will be an honour to engage other medical students and foundation doctors in considering psychiatry as a speciality and to help challenge the common misconceptions that patients and colleagues can have about psychiatry.

For those considering applying for the Fellowship, I prepared for my interview by reviewing my application and revisiting the mental health literature that I find particularly interesting. I also reflected on why psychiatry is something I have become so invested in during the last few years and how my skills and experiences suit a psychiatric career.

I am incredibly honoured and excited to be involved in the Fellowship and I look forward to what this opportunity will bring me in my path to psychiatry training.

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