RCPsych Awards ceremony 2019

Our RCPsych Awards celebrate the best and brightest teams and individuals in our field. Below is our highlights video, followed by pictures of the proud winners at the annual awards ceremony on 8 November.

Medical Student of the Year

Haridha Panadian receives her award

Haridha Pandian, in her final year at Kings, collected Student of the Year from Dr Jan Falkowski. Judges said she was "a truly outstanding psychiatrist of the future".


Foundation doctor of the year

Thomas Hewson receives his award

Dr Thomas Hewson, an academic junior doctor working in Manchester, co-founded the PsychStart mentoring scheme. He receives his award from Dr Adrian James.


Core trainee of the year

Lesley Thoms giving her acceptance speech

Core psychiatric trainee of the year was Dr Lesley Thoms - an active Dementia Friends champion who judges noted 'consistently goes above and beyond for patients and colleagues'.


Higher trainee of the year

RCPsych Awards 2019 Golnar

Dr Golnar Aref-Adib, an ST6 Academic Clinical Fellow who works clinically in an acute day unit in London, won Higher Psychiatric Trainee of the year. Judges felt she was 'an exceptional clinician and academic'. She received her award from Professor Pamela Taylor.


Service User/Patient Contributor of the Year

John Venable giving his acceptance speech

John Venable, hailed as 'an outstanding member of the Tees Esk and Wear Valleys service user network', won Service user of the year. He is, judges noted, 'a real motivator and an asset to RCPsych and the NHS'.


Carer Contributor of the Year

Vanessa Lee receiving her award

Vanessa Lee, whose youngest son has High Functioning Autism and Schizoaffective Disorder, runs a support group called Autistic What + in Hastings. Judges praised Vanessa's dedication and range of achievements.


Psychiatric Communicator of the Year

Dr Derek Tracy receiving his award

Dr Derek Tracy won Psychiatric Communicator of the Year - an award for the person who has championed the understanding of mental health. Judges noted Dr Tracy's 'wonderful ability to transmit excitement for psychiatry'. He received his award from RCPsych Chief Executive Paul Rees.


Psychiatric Educator of the Year

Dr Jim Boylan receiving his award

Dr Jim Boylan, a CAMHS specialist and Director of Medical Education at Tees Esk and Wear Valleys, received his Psychiatric Educator of the Year award from Professor Kam Bhui. Judges noted he was 'an exceptional and inspiring medical educator'.


Rukaman Devi Jajoo Memorial Academic Researcher of the Year

Professor James Walters receiving his award

Professor James Walters uses genetics to improve understanding of psychiatric disorders. Judges noted the Academic Researcher of the Year award winner, who works in Cardiff, 'demonstrates a commitment to training the next generation'.


Specialty Doctor/Associate Specialist of the Year

Dr Elizabeth Dawson

Dr Elizabeth Dawson, who has worked in Old Age Psychiatry since 2012, won Specialty Doctor or Associate Specialist of the Year, after judges heard she 'provides an excellent standard of care to older adults in Northern Ireland'. She received the award from Dr Monique Schelhase.


Psychiatrist of the Year

Lade Smith receives her award

Dr Lade Smith, who leads the Acute Forensic Pathway at the South London Partnership, is 'a multi-talented psychiatrist who leads a patient centred service, as well as finding time for research and removing inequalities'. She is 'a fantastic role model and an inspirational leader', judges noted. Dr Smith received her award from Karen Turner.


Psychiatric Team of the Year – Children and adolescents

Lichfield CAMHS team

Lichfield CAMHS won the award for team of the year working with children and adolescents. Judges noted they 'offer a wide range of interventions in a compassionate and timely way'.


Psychiatric Team of the Year – Working age adults

Dean Cross, Tower Hamlets

Deancross: Tower Hamlets Personality Disorder Service won team of the year - Working age adults. Judges were impression by their innovative evidence-based treatments and extensive teaching and research programme.


Psychiatric Team of the Year – Older age adults

Beech team Devon Partnership

Beech team from the Devon Partnership won the Team of the year - Older age adults award after judges noted their culture of continuous improvement and innovation, and that 'people are queuing up to join this team'.


Psychiatric Team of the Year – Intellectual disability

Adult Learning Disability North Tees

The Adult Learning Disability North Tees Community Team won Team of the year - Intellectual disability. They work with carers and agencies to optimise care and support for patients. Judges praised their 'single focus to do what is right for an individual as straightforwardly as possible'.


Psychiatric Team of the Year – Quality improvement

Grangewood Crisis Service

Grangewood Crisis Service  from Northern Ireland, whose team includes doctors, nurses, social workers and occupational therapists, won Team of the year - Quality improvement. Judges noted that 'service users are invited to be involved in their work and are key to successful projects'.


Psychiatric Team of the Year – Outstanding commitment to sustainable service development

Southern Health Foundation Trust

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust triumphed in the Sustainable service development category. Among their achievements, over 150 of their staff helped to reduce air pollution through activities including working to work, bulb planting, and becoming vegetarian. They were praised for 'a real commitment to sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint'.


Lifetime achievement award

Prof Roy McClelland

Professor Roy McClelland won the Lifetime Achievement Award. Many colleagues have been singularly devoted to caring for their patients, Lord Alderdice wrote in the Awards ceremony programme, some have been distinguished academics and a few have combined these challenges with great distinction. With his thoughtful, liberal approach Roy McClellend also reconciled the differing approaches within psychiatry, and in two decades as the academic leader of psychiatry in Northern Ireland applied a broad humanity to the psychological sequelae of violence for individuals, and for a divided society recovering from terrorism.


Further information

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