COVID-19: Supporting recruitment

Despite the current situation, the College can still help you with finding College Assessors for interview panels and reviewing job descriptions. 

Appointing a College Assessor

College Assessors can attend panels remotely and carry out the same function that they normally would. The College Assessor database can still be used to find College Assessors but if any Trust, Health Board or Health and Social Care Trust has difficulty finding one, they should email where they can be provided with assistance.

If any clinician would like to become a College Assessor, please email your division manager with the request and email to sign up to a remote College Assessor Training session, taking place on the afternoon of 4 June.

Requesting the approval of a job description

Divisions and regional representatives will ensure that a job description you submit is sent for approval.

Please be aware that approval times may be longer than usual. If you do not receive approval prior to your panel, as long as you have submitted the Job Description for the approval process to begin, your panel can continue with the approval to follow. If this is the case, please inform candidates that approval is pending.

Job description checklists and exemplar job descriptions can be found on our main AAC page.

Guidance for Regional Advisors, Deputy Regional Advisors and Regional Specialty Advisors

We are aware that in many institutions, SPA time is being cut for the duration of the pandemic and regional representatives may not have as much time to dedicate to job description approval. We are also aware that institutions may need to make a number of emergency appointments to cover roles that become available. 

Given this, we are asking those who approve job descriptions to continue to normal timeframes. However, we understand that work pressures may cause the process to be extended.